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Atypical Art: Artist Julianne Durkin creates unique painting to reflect her abstract style


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Abstract artists seem to have a harder time in the typical classroom because that style cannot be taught to someone. It is a style that one possesses, and when senior Julianne Durkin switched her major from Photography to Painting last semester, it was a big change.

In high school, Durkin never got into the fine arts. Photography has always been one of her hobbies, so that is where she started.

During her freshman year she was a part of the Art Living Learning Community. By surrounding herself with a bunch of talented, determined artists she says it encouraged her and she was able to strive to be better and have a support system while doing so.

It also exposed her to the world of painting, which she did not expect to fall in love with.

In order to graduate winter of 2015, Durkin has doubled up on studio classes. Her abstract artwork is not the typical art that one would expect.

“I never plan for them,” she said. “I make a mark and react with the next mark.”

Most of Durkin’s work is painted with vibrant colors and quick strokes.

Right now she has a concentration with the theme of “Creating an Environment.” In this concentration she hopes to create fourteen pieces by the end of the semester.Durkin has a section of the Advanced Studio room where she spends multiple hours a day working.

“My artwork is a support system,” Durkin said. “It’s a place to go. That’s why I consider my art as an environment.”After college, Durkin wants to go into education. She hopes to be an art teacher to young kids. She says that she has worked with kids before and she loves the “positive atmosphere.”

Durkin does not think she could do the business aspect of being a regular artist.

She knows that it is all about the marketing and selling of what one paints, not just the painting itself.

She hopes that one day she can influence society with her artwork.

She has been a vegan for a long time, and plays with the idea of making artwork that can provoke society’s stand point of vegans.

However, for now she says that her style makes it hard to do such thing.Some of her artwork can be seen in Cool Beans and is similar to the work of Jackson Pollock, even though she says the artists who most influenced her are Louise Bourgeois and Joan Miro.

Durkin says she is supported by Professor Carl Goldhagen, who has helped her on this change of direction.Recently, she has evolved her abstract style into surreal artwork.

In her most recent painting, she is doing a self-portrait within the walls of the “environment” that she has already created. With the past few paintings she has done, it has changed the way that she sees them. Now it is not just about the environment, but the context.

For example, she will start how she always starts her artwork, but if she sees a face, or some kind of subject, she goes with that idea.

Durkin is looking forward to her showcase next semester.

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