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Girls Gonna Stay Wild


Staff Writer

It’s unfortunate to say, but the amount of sexism that I have seen this semester has blown my mind.

Everything from the typical statement that a girl should never have a higher body count than a guy (in a video game), to girls being called crazy for doing something then a guy does the same thing and we say, “Oh he’s just hurt.”

Sadly, a couple of the times I have brought up equality between men and women I have received some disturbing responses including, “But we aren’t equal” and “I think biologically men have always been superior and always will be.”

It doesn’t help that I’ve downloaded the app Yik Yak which is filled with all kinds of prejudices, expected for an anonymous app.

In an editorial last week in The Flyer titled “Girls Gone Wild,” the author claims to not be judging women for their choice of dress…yet says girls can dress how they want but can’t get upset when they aren’t respected for it. Needless to say I have several problems with the way this “issue” has been addressed and many of the examples he has given.

For starters, it would have been better to write on where it is appropriate to wear these kinds of outfits. I can understand a lack of respect for someone who chooses to wear a tight club dress and stilettos to their lecture, but this article shames girls for dressing “sexy” anywhere.

“Booty” shorts is one of the examples given that is often worn to class.

As a girl, it think it is important to make note how hard it is to find a pair of shorts that look good, fit well and do not show your entire butt. Stores rarely sell shorts for every body type and

an example is girls with big butts and small waists who have a hard time finding something to wear.

Believe it or not some girls actually feel very self-conscious about whether their butt is falling out and spend all day trying to pull their shorts down. The only solution is buying Bermuda shorts which many people are not a fan of.

The entire tone of the editorial is very demeaning to women. It blames the victim.

Although date rape is not discussed in the piece, saying that women should “expect to live by the consequence of that choice” is open to interpretation.

Are you saying we should expect to be called sluts, looked down on, cat-called or worse, have forced sexual encounters for our outfit choices?

The author also attempts to explain why women dress like this. The problem is, the author is not a girl, therefore does not know why we dress the way we do.

For starters it is not to be the center of attention. Wanting to look good does not equate to wanting everyone staring at you and never leaving you alone and I have never heard of a girl dressing sexy to piss other girls off.

Here are some reasons we do dress the way we do and it should be noted not all women dress provocatively.

For one, I cannot understand why heels could ever be considered inappropriate. I wear heels or wedges every day because I am short and it gives me confidence.

As for tight dresses or revealing outfits, there is nothing wrong with liking to look good. Most women dress like this for themselves and not for men’s approval. I dressed the exact same way

going out with my friends when I had a boyfriend as I do now and obviously then I was not looking for male attention.

For those that do dress sexy for men, there is nothing wrong with that, either. If our way of attracting males makes males lose respect for us, then those males probably didn’t have much respect for females to begin with.

Are there some cases where provocative clothing can be taken too far? Yes; we’ve all seen it, but it is a personal choice on how comfortable one feels showing off their body. We should not be shamed for wanting to feel sexy and confident.

The editorial points out that “it’s nice to see girls dressed like that.” Once again we are being set up for failure with societies unrealistic expectations of us.

They want to see us dressed in this way but then lose respect for us when we do. Our value isn’t defined by our appearances.

Rather than people judging a book by its cover, try and get to know the girl. Dressing sexy can be a way to attract people over, to spark interest. It should not be to imply that our “sexuality is all we have to offer.”

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