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GUC events offer an escape


Staff Writer

All students know of Guerrieri University Center events, they are those emails that you get a dozen times a week about a ping pong tournament, trivia night or other events that usually take place in the Fireside Lounge.

All those events are held by the GUC. Their goal is to create a place where students can meet new people, have fun and win prizes. With college stresses such as studying, homework, and classes you may not think you have free time to attend something like this, but it is well worth it.

Freshman Kelson Weber said many of these events have quite a turn out. He has been to a couple of them himself and has really enjoyed them, saying they are high energy and provide a prefect break from studying.

“I thought the events were pretty cool, and there was a good turnout, so I would say they were successful,” Weber said.

On average there are about twenty five to thirty people that attend. Although thirty people out of a school with thousands of students may not seem like a lot, however thinking about the games that they are playing, which only require two people at a time to play, such as, ping pong, that is a huge turnout. With these specific events, held in the Fireside Lounge, it is just enough people not to be too crowded around the multiple tables they have.

Though Weber was not too excited about their prizes, which were two plastic trophies, according to him, it was well worth the time.

His roommate, Kyle Nicolet, has attended a couple of these events; however he was not as optimistic about it at first.

“I’m either too lazy, doing homework, or studying,” Nicolet said.

This is the response most people have to events like these. It is not necessarily the event that they do not appreciate; they are just too bombarded with other priorities.

For the first time ever, I dropped all the homework, studying and forced myself to experience one of these events for myself.

Wednesday night, the GUC held a Minute to Win It event, which was similar to the television show, so I expected it to be goofy.

Interestingly it was a lot more organized and exciting than expected.

The first round was all about flipping water bottles to land upright. Just watching the crowd get excited and the focus and determination that went into this silly event was fun. Though this event only had about ten to fifteen people in attendance, it still had the high energy and optimism that Weber explained.

After watching the event, I talked to the staff that organized it. They explained that their most popular event is Trivia night that is held every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Shannon Henry, coordinator of GUC events explained that some special events such as sushi rolling, cake decorating, video game tournaments and pumpkin decorating, all had huge turnouts of fifty plus people.

Henry also explained a special event at the end of the semester, called Stress FREE where they give out free massages. With finals week on its way, every student should want to come out to this event.

As part of their purpose for doing these events every week, it really does give everyone an opportunity to meet new people.

We as students are lucky that people are putting the time into planning events like these for us. It provides as a great escape to the brutality of homework and gives us a great opportunity to meet new people.

Despite our lacking attendance, do not let that persuade you not to try these events. It will be well worth your time.

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