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Headquarters Live Opens Downtown


Staff Writer

Bright lights and noise fill the room of Salisbury’s newest venue. Headquarters Live is the newest addition to downtown Salisbury, adding excitement and giving musical acts a new place to shine.

“Salisbury is a community that needs a venue such as this, Headquarters Live makes it a better place to come visit,” junior Destiny Jones said.

Located on South Division Street, Headquarters Live was a fire station for decades before closing down 15 years ago.

The owners of the former fire department headquarters, Chris Gilkerson, Joey Gilkerson and Bradley Gillis approached Jim Beaurle and asked him to lease the downtown structure as a live music venue.

Beaurle is a businessman who has had a lot of experience in music entertainment. He currently owns the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware, and the Bottle and Cork in Dewy   Beach, Delaware.

“We would love to see Salisbury University students perform at Headquarters Live, we want to see them in a professional setting, with bright lights and a big audience. It can be a great opportunity for any new music artists,” Beaurle said.

Beaurle has established connections with agents from the past, but is always on the look for new talent to perform live.

Headquarters Live will host concerts, children’s activities, wedding receptions and other occasions. It is an ideal place to entertain a wide variety of people of all ages.

“I want to check out Headquarters Live. I haven’t been there yet, but I heard it’s nice,” said Jess Hensley barista at Main Roots Coffee shop. “It is a good asset to downtown Salisbury, we are trying to promote it as a hangout and the venue helps.”

Beaurle uses social media as the main source to promote shows. Most show tickets range between $8 to $25 and soon tickets will be available online. The goal of the venue is to become a destination for touring acts in the region.

“The vision I had for the venue was not a night club. It is a place for fundraising, and shows. It is very important for the building to be used in a variety of ways to benefit the community,” Beaurle said.

The shows include performers of all ages to attract a variety of people. Some shows are aimed toward older audiences and some shows are targeted for the college community.

“I think it will stay small, but be very popular and known within the town,”  Hensley said.

A show on March 12th aimed for younger people will have The Fighting Jameson’s performing.

“I am taken by the energy of Salisbury and how receptive people are,” Beaurle said. “It is great how the town is able to draw all different kinds of people in, I like where the town is headed.”

Beaurle recalled that seeing the energy at third Friday encouraged him to build the venue.

“Just seeing thousands of people looking for things to do is exciting and we wanted to provide for them,” Beaurle said.

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