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Home-style cooking comes to Seagull Square


Staff writer

If you have strolled by Sea Gull Square recently and sensed something new, you were right. It is not Thai, it is not Starbucks and it is not frozen yogurt. It is Rotisserie King.

Restaurateur Kosta wants you to come try the king.

Kosta’s family has been in the restaurant industry for years, dishing out everything from Greek food to pizza. This time, he went back to his roots of home-cooked savory family style dishes.

He wanted to open his place on campus so that students could get a different taste when they needed it most.

“I want to give students a place to eat and feel like they are at home,” Kosta said.

But students will find much more than just their mama’s kitchen at the King; the Rotisserie’s menu strikes a balance of traditional comfort food paired with a spice and sweetness that is unexpected but welcome. Customers can choose from six featured sauces to dress their meal; the flavors coast from southern comfort to Southern Asia.

Walk inside and the first thing you will probably notice is the long dining tables, reminiscent of a family dining room that seats you elbow-to-elbow with friends and other guests alike.

Overhead are chicken wire lamp shades, a nod to the restaurant’s main attraction: roasted chicken.

Glowing rotisseries operate on both sides of the front counter. Between them lies the ingredients bar, where a friendly server waits to help you create a custom meal, or to suggest one of Kosta’s favorite recipes.

Most notably on the menu, there are quite a few sandwich options available.

If you are a fan of Kansas City BBQ, you may want to try the Slaw B’ Que, a pulled chicken sandwich dressed in a thick, sweet BBQ sauce topped with homemade coleslaw. This goes great with a side of red skin mashed potatoes. If you are up for a bigger burst of flavor, try the Porky Pine: tender pulled pork topped with a sweet pineapple mango chutney, cole slaw, and a smoky chipotle aioli, best paired with a side of sweet fiesta corn.

But if there were only one reason you need to visit the King, it’s their namesake menu item. Rotisserie chicken: tender and juicy. Dress it in the house gravy with a side of macaroni and cheese and pasta salad and you will grin ear-to-ear. This brought me back to mama’s kitchen: a half chicken platter with two homemade sides: $9.

If you do not quite have an “army-of-one” appetite, some light fare does exist. I suggest creating your own side sampler: choose any three sides for $5. My favorites were a whipped sweet potato casserole, creamy and sweet, the baked macaroni and cheese and last week’s featured veggie, which was crisp green beans, steamed with peppercorns.

I would not go out of my way for the baked beans or cornbread stuffing, but whatever you choose, ask for a side of sauce for dunking. I especially like the fresh cilantro lime aioli and creamy mustard bistro sauce.

If you are a vegetarian, stick with the sides’ sampler .There are twelve to choose from. For vegans, the pickings are slim, but that is not surprising for a rotisserie concept restaurant. A family size of spicy wild rice with veggies is your best option.

Overall Rotisserie King has put together a tasty menu that is bound to satisfy. When you need some comfort food on campus, the King is the place to be. They are open for business 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday––Saturday.

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