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Humans of Salisbury



They say a picture is a worth a thousand words. Well, a thousand words is also worth a thousand words. Why can’t we have both?

Back in 2010, a photographer by the name of Brandon Stanton started a simple photo project involving a few quotes, and some candid photographs of New York residents living out their every-day lives.

Little did Stanton know that this simple blog would quickly become a worldwide internet phenomenon.

This photo project was called Humans of New York, and currently has over 12 million likes on Facebook. In 2013, Stanton was included in Time magazine’s list of “30 under 30 World Changers.”

One simple idea took the world by storm, and now that idea is coming to Salisbury University.

The Flyer has decided to start their own version of the popular site.

Our staff intended to start and maintain an Instagram page dedicated to this project, and to hopefully create connections between the students and staff across the Salisbury campus and community.

Although it is unlikely for Humans of Salisbury to gain the massive following as much as the original, it will be interesting to see what the page could do with the pictures that SU has to offer.

Currently the Humans of Salisbury account has amassed over 200 followers within three weeks of its creation.

There are currently six student profiles up on the page with more profiles scheduled to be posted every week.

We here at the Flyer are interested to see what Salisbury Students have to offer when given the chance to use their thousand words or less.

If you would like to follow the project, you can find it on Instagram under the handle: @HumansOfBury

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