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Maryland raises minimum wage


Staff Writer

Maryland became the second state to raise its minimum wage standard to $10.10 an hour on Monday, April 7 to match President Obama’s campaign to raise minimum wages nationally.

​Although Gov. Martin O’Malley pushed for this standard to be raised by 2016, Maryland legislatures passed the bill with an 87-47 vote to be enacted by July 2018. The raise will be reached by raising minimum wage in five increments, starting with a raise to $8 an hour by Jan.1, 2015, but individual counties can chose to raise the wage higher more quickly if they wish.

​O’Malley thanked Maryland legislation for giving so many families the raise they deserve.

​Some students at Salisbury University are indifferent about the new law.

​“It would help me a lot (if my paycheck rose),” said freshman Bryan Pisarra, a worker at Dairy Queen of Sykesville, Md. “but the thing is, the dollar value would probably drop. Prices will probably go up, so things might just stay the same… I’ll hopefully be making above minimum wage by 2018. The minimum wage raise won’t affect (me), but the decreased value of the American dollar will.”

​“I’m against the increase in minimum wage,” said freshman Rachael Reiter, who works at Mid-Atlantic Gymnastics of Eldersburg, Md, “because it will cause businesses to hire fewer people with higher qualifications. People our age will be impacted the most because it will be harder to get an entry level job due to our lack of experience.”

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