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Mr. Zeta: ZTA crowns The All-American Man


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At this year’s annual Mr. Zeta competition, Sammy Brown won the audience’s and judges’ vote after his heartfelt story in the final round.

The story Brown told was in response to being asked why he thinks he should be Mr. Zeta and was about his personal experience with breast cancer.

When Brown was ten years old his mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

All of the 18 participants in the competition came prepared with knowledge of Breast Cancer Awareness facts and a talent to perform.

Members of Zeta Tau Alpha are constantly exposing the community to breast cancer awareness, as their philanthropy is to promote breast cancer education and awareness.

The Mr. Zeta event was held in efforts to raise money to support the ZTA’s cause. The girls charged $5 per ticket and sold t-shirts and hosted an auction. All the proceeds will go towards the cause.

To encourage breast cancer awareness, the sisters of ZTA also had guest speaker and survivor Ginger Muscalli. Although she could not be there, she recorded a video of her story so the girls could share it with the audience.

Muscalli explained how she was 43 when first diagnosed. She was healthy, did everything right and was confused when they first diagnosed her. She explained how her reaction to the diagnoses was, “Why me?”

Muscalli, however went into this stage of her life ready to battle. She had young kids and made sure that she wasn’t the “sick mom.” She said she immediately shaved her head after treatment and wore a wig constantly to make sure her kids saw her as they always would.

Her fight pulled off and she won the battle.

14 years later, Muscalli was diagnosed again, but this time she said she knew exactly what to do.

“We need the support of each other,” Muscalli said. “The promotion and fundraisers, everything helps.”

One of the ZTA sisters, junior Erica Lease, shared her personal story, also. She joined ZTA strictly for their philanthropy because when she was ten years old, her mother died from breast cancer.

“I want to make a difference,” Lease said. “I want to help save as many lives as possible because I don’t want anyone going through what I did.”

Lease hopes to spread the awareness so that people can detect any sign early to prevent someone from going through what she went through.

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