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March’s Physical Wellness Lunch & Learn Series theme was “Mindful Eating” in honor of National Nutrition Month on Wednesday.

Guest speaker Malinda Cecil, Dietetics Programs Director at University of Maryland astern Shore and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, reminded people the importance of taking care of ourselves and being mindful of what we are eating.

“My purpose for visiting today was to inspire people to be more conscious about what is being eaten and the quality of the food, and to enjoy every bite,” Cecil said.

During the lecture Cecil enlightened the audience about eating healthy while living in a fast pace world that is not always supportive of self-care.

She gave examples and tips on how to be more conscious of what is being eaten, how to help people enjoy eating, recognizing internal cues, and getting in touch with feelings that trigger eating habits.

Laura Marinaro, of Human Resources recalls witnessing unhealthy eating habits at Salisbury.

Marinaro does not think many college students and faculty are mindful of what they eat partly because they are over scheduled with classes, school work, and extra-curicular activities.

“I think there is a lack of taking time to sit down at a table, eating a meal and paying attention to what you are eating,” Marinaro said.

Secretary of the President’s office Linda Gillis was intrigued by the lecture topic and decided to come out and enjoy lunch while learning. She was hoping to pick up some tips on how to eat better.

“This event explained to me how to eat more mindfully and why I have certain eating habits,” Gillis said. “I enjoyed the whole session and made me more aware of what I am eating.”

Today in modern society we tend to feel insecure about ourselves which is from a toxic environment and poor food choices Cecil explained to the audience.

Sugar and fat combinations trigger our appetite, even if we are not hungry and often leave us feeling sluggish Cecil said.

“When you develop more mindful activities associated toward food you feel better about whom you are and self-esteem and body image increases,” Cecil said.

Good health will help us enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest, and it all starts with what is on our plates.

“I really wanted to help people live a healthier lifestyle and food is the foundation of good health. Once I became a dietitian I never looked back,” Cecil said.

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