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Salisbury’s most visited trail becomes popular through word-of-mouth


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Students are shedding their layers of sweaters and scarves ready to enjoy the warmth of the spring outdoors. The City Park and the Beaver Dam Creek bike trail offers an outdoor escape for students to explore this spring.

The City Park trail is only a few miles from campus. The trail starts from Beaver Dam Creek and cuts through the Salisbury Zoo and beautiful wooded areas near Pony League Park.

About 4-4.5 miles long, the trail has been restored by volunteers and the hands of the Eastern Shore International Mountain Bike Association (ESIMBA). It has a varying terrain of hills, twists and turns through the scenery of fields, forested areas, and the calm creek in the center of the city.

“We had a quiet opening,” said Jeff Dean, Salisbury Trail Crew Leader at ESIMBA. “The park has become well-loved through word of mouth.”

Beaver Dam Creek is 20 feet below the street level. When visitors are near the water, they are amazed at how serene and quiet it is down there, says Dean.

“There’s a growing bike culture in Salisbury. There’s no downside to that activity,” Dean said. “There is freedom in bike riding, especially financial freedom. After you purchase the bike, that’s it. No gas cost.”

For those who want to visit the trail, but are not bikers, fear not. The trail is great for runners and walkers too. It gets the most foot traffic on the lower Eastern Shore.

The best part about the trail? It’s free of charge, all year round.

The trail is also a great place to volunteer. In efforts to keep the beauty of the park, ESIMBA is always looking for volunteers to come out to work on the trails and remove debris from surrounding areas.

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