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Brain power: SUSRC showcases student talent




Salisbury University’s annual student research conference took place Friday showcasing the professional research and fresh ideas undergraduate and graduate students have been working on for months.

In the annual spring event, 100 undergraduate and graduate students participated in the conference, giving presentations in 20 different categories.

The conference began around 1:30 p.m. and took place inside multiple classrooms within the Henson Science Hall. Oral presentations ran until 6 p.m., then moved to the Guerrieri University Center for the poster sessions.

Conference presenter, Briana Jordan, gave an oral research presentation for the culture session.

Her study examined the influences that gender has concerning media consumption and the cultural association behind gender stereotypes.

Her data came from a survey taken by college students and was centered on their experiences and opinions involving the movie and book franchises of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight.

“I really like the motivation behind behaviors,” Jordan said.

In the media session of the conference, junior Abby DeCrenza gave her presentation on social media movements and the possible “slacktivism” that can occur.

Her demonstration covered large events where social media played a large role including the “Bring Back our Girls” campaign, the ALS ice bucket challenge and the Arab Spring.

“(Social media) isn’t the salvation or the damnation, it’s the tool for expression and communication,” DeCrenza said.

In the Influence session of the conference, student presenter John-Michael Kuna, gave a demonstration on the mechanics and history behind secret proxy wars.

Kuna’s presentation explained the history of secret warfare involving the conflicts in the Middle East regarding the Soviet Union.

Kuna listed how to fight a proxy war and to not sever ties with a proxy country when a secret war has finished.

“Don’t treat (your proxy country) like a one night stand,” Kuna stated.

Along with poster presentations, the SUSRC took the time to announce the winner of the Outstanding Research Mentor Award which went to a nominated faculty member that excelled in counseling students in their research. This honor was awarded to Psychology department chair Michele Schlehofer.

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