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Why MKTO was hard to watch live


Editorial Editor

MKTO performed at Gullfest, kicking off the event as the show-runner and they were absolutely amazing. Everything from their kick-ass vocals and stunning stage presence made the concert an incredibly fun and breathtaking event. Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, the two main vocalists for MKTO rapped and sang their way into a wave of fans’ hearts who previously thought the band was only a “Classic” one hit wonder, all while building anticipation for the other two (technically three) artists to come.

However, there was something eerily off about the show’s event. It wasn’t the oddly perfect synchronicity that the two vocalists shared as they beat the drums together. It wasn’t the weird fact the band was on stage announcing they were coming out with new songs two years after everyone thought they had disappeared. It wasn’t even the fact that the two core members had met on the set of the Nickelodeon TV show “Gigantic.” What really threw the show off was something much deeper than that and had an email not gone out to the student body about the subject the previous day, it would have gone completely unnoticed: the identity of Malcolm Kelley, or known to the fans of “Lost” simply as Walt.

Going into the show it was difficult to imagine how a character from arguably one of television’s best series went on to rap in a pop band. What’s even harder to imagine is how he went from being, again arguably, one of the most annoying characters on the show to being the sensation he is today. Walt was the only child on the island in the show and was notoriously known for getting in the way or causing trouble. Also, he lost his dog, Vincent, a lot and two seasons later you think he would have learned how to use a leash better.

Watching this misfit turned rapper was hard, simply because I couldn’t see him as a rapper, only a kid dancing on stage, wondering where all this entertainment was on the island. Did he not develop his rapping skills until he (spoiler alert) got off the island, or was it always there and just not seen while the cameras were looking? Also, when did he go from looking like a toothpick to looking like a buff toothpick? Were the dance moves something that came with the trade? Everyone of these questions raced through my head as Walt rapped his way through a verse, leaving me wondering more about his back story than anything they could possibly sing.

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