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Binge Watchers: “United 93” Review


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If you’re ever looking for a realistic drama on Netflix, this is the movie for you.

It recreates all of the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. From the Twin Towers in New York City being hit, all the way to courageous actions of passengers on American Airline United 93, this movie is terrifyingly realistic.

While some details had to be made up because nobody knows every detail of what happened, the vast majority of the movie is what really happened that fateful day.  People watching won’t even notice the minor dramatization because they’ll be too busy sitting on the edge of their seats.

While “United 93” does fit the stereotype of other dramas that are based off of true stories, it is the traumatizing nature of the story that makes it stand out.

Most Americans remember the seriousness of 9/11. Seeing the events recreated in a movie can be almost like watching a news story or documentary about that day.

Viewers feel the stress of the air traffic controllers as planes get hijacked one after the other. Viewers can relate to the fear of the passengers on United 93 and the sadness they feel as they say goodbye to their families.

Emotion is one of the most powerful tools a movie can use to capture an audience, and this movie does it perfectly.

Possibly the most important part of getting the audience to relate to emotion is through music. John Powell originally produced the soundtrack specifically for this movie, and it fits perfectly. The dramatic music during tense scenes adds to the action even more, most noticeable during the bitter sweet end.

It is one thing to be pulled into a movie by the action you are seeing, but the music brings it to a whole new level.

Making this movie even more captivating than it already is seems impossible. Adding scenes showing the hijacking situations on the other planes might have added to the intensity, but in bad taste.

Nobody wants to see the forces of evil win in dramatic detail.

Some people believe that when this movie came out in 2006, it was too soon for a movie about 9/11.

If they had been insensitive to the victims then that argument would make sense, but that is not the case. Not only was this movie dedicated to them, but it portrayed them in the best way possible.

The producers even donated 10 percent of the money made in the first three days to building a memorial for the victims. This definitely makes up for the movie coming out so soon.

If not for a few confusing scenes in the middle, this movie would have received a perfect 10 stars. It is a must-watch for anybody with about two hours of free time looking for a memorable thriller.

The Flyer gives “United 93” a 9/10.

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