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SU Fraternity Raises Money for Charity in Local Concert


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Sigma Tau Gamma partnered with Headquarters Live on Sunday to raise $2,145 for Special Olympics during the Ballyhoo! concert.

A total amount of 486 tickets were sold to provide jerseys, athletic equipment and supplies to the national Special Olympics branch.

Vice President of Programming for Sigma Tau Gamma Kyle Cooper said that he hoped a lot of students would attend the concert because of Ballyhoo!’s large, local presence.

A large amount of tickets were sold to Salisbury University students, as well as the local community.

“The community doesn’t really like Salisbury University as a whole and I think connecting (with them) is really important,” Cooper said.  “I think we have stuff to get from them, they have stuff to get from us.”

Headquarters Live partner Joey Gilkerson said they were excited to get more involved with the students at SU to give back to the community.

He wanted to reinvent the wheel of typical fundraisers and just add an element of raising awareness for charities with previously scheduled concerts at their venue.

“Sigma Tau was great to work with, and I welcome other student organizations to partner in a similar capacity,” Gilkerson said.  “Ballyhoo! was already booked to come to HQ and we worked with the brothers of Sigma Tau to promote the event and the philanthropic cause behind it. Ballyhoo! was also stoked to be a part of a fundraiser for such a worthy cause.”

Ballyhoo! performed for over two hours and was overly enthusiastic about the student community that was brought into their show.

Headquarters Live will partner with the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority this Friday to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project when The Jesters, Bumpin’ Uglies and Pasadena perform in downtown Salisbury.

For more information about future Headquarters Live events visit their website at

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