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Five Dorm Room Dinners


Staff Writer

Whether you’re a broke college student like the rest of us, or too busy to make a regular meal, here are the five best dorm room dinners.

  1. Ramen: The classic college budget dinner. Whether it’s ramen or Cup o’ Noodles, the meal is cheap and easy, especially with a Keurig.  Hot water can dispense into the noodles, simply stir and dinner is served!  If you don’t like ramen, Easy Mac or Velveeta single serving packs are another good alternative.
  2. 90-second rice: Uncle Ben’s has wonderful rice packs that you can microwave for a minute and a half.  There are so many different flavors that it never gets boring and they are super filling.  This way, you can count on some good rice and avoid the dry and hard stuff at Commons.
  3. Lean Cuisines: Whether you are trying to avoid the “freshman 15” or not, these are simple meals on the more nutritious side.  Basically, these microwavable dinners are the equivalent to the Kids Cuisines we all used to eat. They come in different dinners so you can get a broad range of choices from Asian to Italian, normally selling for less than $2 a box.
  4. Eggs in a Mug: Yes, a microwave can sometimes be used as a stove. If you crack an egg into a mug and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds at a time while stirring in between sets, you have a mug of scrambled eggs.  Add cheese and vegetables as you wish.  You can now successfully avoid the weekend omelet line at Commons.
  5. Popcorn: All those nights when you are trying to avoid writing papers or calling your mom, Netflix is filling your mind and with movies comes popcorn. If you are doing a healthier route, consider a 100 calorie pack that is unsalted or unbuttered.  If it’s your cheat day, go big or go home, movie theater butter it is!

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