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Five Things to Buy for Your Dorm Room


Staff Writer

  1. A Keurig: Even if you are not a coffee lover, it is always helpful to have hot water for Cup o’ Noodles or for some late night tea. Keurig cups include not only coffee, but hot chocolate, tea and lemonade, as well.  Hot drinks are essential for the winter time, and this way, you will never have to buy them!
  2. A Printer: A cheap printer will always come in handy if you are running late to class and you need to print off the reading or a quick assignment you typed up the night before. If you have your own printer you can avoid the long lines of the library, waiting for someone to print out their PowerPoint notes that are as long as a Harry Potter book.
  3. Extension Cords and Power Strips: Electricity plugs are not always prevalent or easy to get to in a dorm room, so having an easily accessible power strip is a lifesaver. You can plug in your phone, laptop, lamp and anything else you might need all in the same place.  Also, consider an extension cord so you will never need to be short wired in your room.
  4. A Shelf or Bedside Table: The utilization of space in a dorm room is crucial. If you have a space beside your bed to have easy access to your books, pens, laptop, phone charger, etc. it will make life a lot easier.  Most times schoolwork is done in your bed, so why not be able to keep your books, notes or laptop close to you for those last minute morning edits before you turn it in.
  5. Shower Caddy: An easy way to keep everything you will need for the shower in one place. Some caddies have special compartments for your soap, shampoo, etc.  A basic one will do, unless you are feeling fancy.  Shower shoes, i.e. rubber flip flops, are also useful in the shower as well if you are living in a cluster or suite with lots of feet in the bathroom.

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  1. Rose Rose September 22, 2015

    A printer and keurig are unrealistic for college students on a budget, which can be argued is most of us….

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