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Top 5 Freshman Mistakes


Staff Writer

Freshman year of college is a year full of change. Nobody to wake you up in the morning, tell you to study or do your laundry. Making mistakes is inevitable, but here’s a few of the biggest ones to avoid.

Signing up for an 8 a.m.

Nothing is worse than staying up late studying for a big test, then having to wake up at 7:45 the next morning. Some people think that because they always woke up early in high school they can do it now. Enjoy your new found sleep; don’t throw it away so soon.

Spending all of your dining dollars right away

Since all freshman students have to buy meal plan A or B, you’ll be starting off with $250 in dining dollars. With Cool Beans and Gull’s Nest being so easily accessible, dining dollars can disappear fast. Be smart and save them. At the end of the semester Gull’s Nest sells in bulk for great prices. Plus, nobody likes the kid who’s always bumming dining dollars off everyone.

Waiting till Sunday to do laundry

Sunday seems like the best day for laundry, but the problem is that everyone else in the dorm is thinking the same thing. Not only will the wait time be long, but you’ll probably find your laundry sitting out by the time you go to get it. Do laundry during the day when everyone else is in class.

Pre-gaming too hard

Partying is a part of the college experience, and pre-gaming is half the battle. Some freshmen think that they can keep up with everyone else right away. Think again. Don’t be that freshmen that makes a fool of themselves, passing out or throwing up at the party. Be smart and your partying experience will be the highlight of your week.

Eating Commons three meals a day, seven days a week

During Admitted Students Day, the food will seem amazing. The seemingly endless options will make you forget about how bad school lunch has always been, until about the second month of school. Commons has its good days, but if you eat it all the time your stomach and waistline won’t thank you. Try to mix it up by going out or cooking your own food every once in a while.

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