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SU students told to get tested for TB “precautionary”



Multiple Salisbury University students received emails Thursday afternoon from SU’s Student Health Services requiring they get tested for tuberculosis within the next week. A failure to do so would result in an interrupted ability to add, drop, withdraw and/or register for classes next semester.

Director of Student Health Services Victoria Lentz said these tests are precautionary and that all SU students from previous semesters who had TB have been treated.

Some students had been notified to get tested in the past, but for others, Tuesday was the first time they were told to get tested.

Lentz said with SU’s old policy, the school required all students to get shots for diseases such as TB and meningitis, but it was not enforced and there were no consequences for failing to do so.

Lentz told The Flyer that students must now fill out a TB questionnaire online and get vaccinated for these diseases, or they ca not register for classes. According to her, about 600 SU students still need to submit this information to the school.

There were multiple cases of TB on campus in the previous academic year.

More to come.

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