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Downtown Plaza Gallery


News Editor

As Salisbury University begins work on its 10-year-plan, a new branch of university opportunity launches with the donation of Downtown Salisbury’s Plaza Gallery and Annex to the school.

Although now under SU control, the gallery will honor all on-going lease agreements and remain in use for residential, retail and office space.

In the past, it was used for F.W. Woolworth Co. since its opening in 1930, as well as offices for elected officials as well the internal revenue service.  Likewise, the structure will continue to be home to the Art Institute and Gallery.

“SU students may be most familiar with the building as the home of Maya Bella’s Pizzeria,” a representative from the Office of the President at SU said.

Despite the unchanging lease agreements at the Plaza Gallery, the university has brainstormed that potential uses for SU could include improving and advancing cultural and extra-curricular education and creating and developing engagement opportunities for community members.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Plaza Gallery on Sept. 18, SU President Janet Dudley-Eshbach suggested that the building may be an opportunity to expand SU’s lifelong learning programs or student entrepreneurship center.

The Plaza Gallery and Annex, which is located on West Main Street, was donated by Salisbury Developers Palmer Gillis and Tony Gilkerson, who bought and renovated the building in 1992.

The two felt that in donating the structure to SU, they were finally working to revitalize Downtown as they had been proponents of, as Gillis said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Gillis said that they felt that giving the university more of a presence Downtown was the next step in bringing life back into the area.

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