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Dining Hall Disaster


Staff Writer

Staff Writer Salisbury University students may have noticed a few things that have changed about The Commons Dining Hall. Some of these changes include the large TV screens at the entrance and inside The Marketplace, minor food changes and the separation of trash and utensils at the tray return.

These changes are pretty much useless and can be a hindrance to the flow of traffic in Commons. The TV screens seem like a waste of money overall as they don’t provide any real information like the day’s menu or anything about the food. They simply advertise certain food bars that are available to students.

There are so many things that money could have been better spent on, like tables that don’t wobble or trays that don’t have expletives carved into them. There have also been some changes to what food is being served. Hardboiled eggs for instance, which used to be available all day long, are now only available during the breakfast hours. This might be upsetting to the students who used them as a major source of protein.

Some of the recipes have been changed, like the chicken nuggets and some of the pasta dishes, which could be a positive or negative factor depending on the food and personal preference. The worst change of all, though, has to be the separation of trash and utensils at the tray return. As if the tray return didn’t take long enough when all you had to do was slide the tray in, now asking people to put their utensils in a separate container makes the whole seemingly simple task take so much longer.

While you would think that college students would be able to separate their trays and utensils, it’s a task that takes many students an unreasonable amount of time to complete. During the busy breakfast, lunch and dinner times, this has caused huge backups and does not seem to benefit the long lines.

In fact, many students must hate this change because they either take forever to do it, or don’t do it at all, which, in both cases slows down the tray return process substantially. Since half of the diners don’t do it, it makes the whole thing appear pointless since the point is that it’s simpler and quicker behind the scenes of Commons.

It’s so bad that some of the staff might hate it as well. After leaving Commons one day, an employee heard me and my roommates complaining about it, and urged us to fill out a complaint card because they don’t like it either.

This makes one wonder if the F.O.O.D Committee takes any of the input they receive into consideration when formulating the changes they decide to put in place.

Unfortunately, one thing that will never change about Commons is the nearly instant diarrhea it causes its patrons.

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