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Fall Fashion


Staff Writer

Staff Writer Socialites, style icon celebrities, supermodels, fashion bloggers and big name fashion designers all gathered in the heart of the concrete jungle this past week showcasing designs that have been in the works since last spring.

This annual phenomenon is known as New York Fashion Week, or NYFW. The Snapchat Live feed even featured behind-the-scenes glimpses to their millions of users worldwide of models strutting down the runway in bikinis and sundresses all ready for spring and summer 2016.

While fashion shows debut work two to three seasons in advance, here in Salisbury, students are starting to layer up for their walk to class. As leaves are changing colors, so are the wardrobes of those living on the east coast. Now that fall is officially upon us, here are a few fall fashion finds to look out for this autumn season.

One trend that will be prominent this fall season are “booties” or ankle boots, which can be worn with cuffed skinny jeans or leggings. They are more versatile than long riding boots and give off a casual yet stylish look. Ankle boots will look great these next few months whether they’re flat and laced up for a walk to class, or feature a tall heel paired with a dress for a night out with friends.

Leslie Yarmo, professor of the costuming and theater crafts class, and head costume director for all of the plays fabricated inside Fulton, has worked as the costume designer on popular TV shows like “Law and Order SVU” and quite frequently travels up to NYC on the weekends to work on projects like photoshoots.

“The hipster thing, or plaid shirts, are very in, at least among young adults – even in well-paying Manhattan jobs,” Yarmo said.

Incorporating plaid into an outfit is another way to look effortlessly fashionable this season. Grab an old flannel and layer it over a t-shirt or tank top for extra warmth in the cooler mornings, and when it starts to heat up in the afternoon, it can be easily tied around your waist. Plaid allows a pop of color to come into play, without appearing overwhelming or clashing especially when dark and neutral colors can get boring and over worn during the long winter months.

Speaking of layering, a subtler yet growing trend to look for this fall are lace bralettes. Lace adds a touch of femininity to any outfit and bralettes are great for adding accents and covering up if a backless dress or low-cut top seems too exposing for the occasion. Featuring these pretty details into a wardrobe are easy because they can be layered under almost anything.

Another look that is easy to achieve and popping up everywhere on campus are monograms. These three little letters of an initial, either circular shaped or cursively intertwined into each other, are popping up on nearly anything from sweatshirts to hats to rain jackets. The possibilities are endless. Freshman Cassie Midcap takes her monogrammed backpack with her everywhere she goes.

“I love having everything personalized. It adds character to such a simple design,” Midcap said.

Websites like Marley Lilly and Etsy are just a few out of the hundreds of online stores to find any article of clothing or accessory desired with a personalized touch.

One last thing to look out for can be considered the all-around hue for this time of year: the color brown. Lots of chestnut and maple tones are readily found in this season’s skirts, vests, boots and jackets this year and can be found in stores such as American Eagle and Pac Sun.

Lynbrook, New York native and sophomore Tyler McGinness coordinates his neutrals with plaid on his way to give a presentation. “Neutrals go with anything. If there’s any article of clothing I want to wear, I can match it with something neutral,” McGinness said.

So whether you’re dressing for an occasion, or just enjoying the beautiful fall weather, don’t be afraid to accent your neutral brown with some plaid. Pull out your ankle boots and wear them with pride. Don’t fear your outfit is too summery to fit in because there is nothing a lace bralette can’t fix. And most of all, nothing says class like the personal touch of a monogram.

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