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American Horror Story


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Whether it is ghosts in a haunted house, crazy people in an asylum or freaks in a freak show, “American Horror Story” never seems to disappoint. With yet another year of the show, this one titled “Hotel,” comes with even more deaths and even more blood.

In the show’s premiere, two blonde tourists arrive at Hotel Cortez and check in, despite the eerie setting and musty smell. To their complete dismay, the hotel is full of creepy residents and hidden killers.


This eerie feeling persists throughout the episode as even more people begin to check into the death room 64. These guests, however, never seem to check out.

Similar to previous seasons, Hotel’s character framework contains lost souls who are out to kill. Just like the witches’ coven and traveling carnival, Hotel aims to pull abnormal characters into the mix of everyday life.

The setting of this series is probably one of the more intriguing things about it. With a creepy, lonesome feel to it, like “The Shining,” we begin to discover brutal deaths and hidden corpses. Whether it is a bloody orgy or a man’s eyeballs being ripped out, you are bound to find some interesting deaths in this hotel.

To investigate these freaky murders in the ornate Los Angeles Hotel Cortez, detective Lowe, who has a personal connection to the hotel, moves into room 64. Will he survive the night? We’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out.

The cast of American Horror Story stayed similar to previous seasons with Kathy Bates welcoming us into the opening scene and the notorious Sarah Paulson claiming her role as a drug addict. However, the addition of Lady Gaga as Joan Crawford added a new spin to the usual mix. She brings a weird, but mesmerizing role to the series.

Of course American Horror Story Isn’t American Horror Story unless there is blood, death and freaky outfits, so be prepared for plenty more throughout the season. Whether it’s the 90’s drug addict, creepy slimy guy, glamorous drag queen, sex crazed monster or blood-eating orgy Gaga, the characters introduced in the premiere episode are extremely diverse and captivating. One might even say they’re to DIE for.

The premiere of every American Horror Story season always starts off with a bang, so we’ll just have to wait and see if the rest of the season can keep up. I know the anticipation is killing you, but hang in there, we have plenty more deaths to see.

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