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Binge Watchers: “Stuck In Love” Review


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Sometimes one choice could mean the difference between pursuing our dreams and falling short of them. But how are we supposed to determine what choices are the right ones when we’re faced with so many?

Should you kiss the girl or let her go? Do you apologize or ignore the argument? Do you forgive or do you forget?

Every choice a person makes impacts the whole scheme of their life. This is the essence of what the movie “Stuck in Love” is based on.

Novelist Bill Borgens, played by Greg Kinnear, cannot stop obsessing over his ex-wife, Erica, who divorced him three years ago for another man.

Even with his married neighbor-with-benefits, Tricia (Kristen Bell) keeping him company, Bill still spends his days on the beach watching the days pass and his evenings spying on Erica and waiting for the day she returns home.

While Bill is battling his love life, his 19-year-old daughter, Samantha (Lily Collins), is struggling with love herself. Samantha, a beautiful, cynical realist working to publish her first novel, stumbles upon love with hopeless romantic Louis (Logan Lerman). But can Samantha believe in love herself as her very own father chases after the one that got away?

The love triangle finally comes together as Bill’s son Rusty (Nat Wolff) becomes the unexpected boyfriend of his high school dream girl, Kate (Liana Liberato). Rusty, a 16-year-old virgin trying to find his voice in his writing, sets out to find new adventures and stories to tell. But things aren’t as perfect, as Rusty expects, when he discovers his perfect girl has unsettling drug issues and the ‘popular’ life is not as ideal as everyone made it out to be.

As these three struggling relationships collide, the Borgen family discover how true love and heart break bring people together and tear people apart.

Although “Stuck in Love” is an indie film, it is fashioned as any other Hollywood movie. It tells the tale of how teenagers grow up, families grow apart and people come together.

The production of this movie, though relatively simple, allowed the excellent cast to portray their characters extremely well and show multiple sides of their acting careers.

The character development and plot is so well done it is impossible not to fall for these tangled relationships and become attached to the character’s personalities.

The ultimate aim of this movie is to show how three threads of people’s love experiences come together. You strive for Rusty to find his first true love, for Samantha to change her cynical view of love and for Bill to get out of his rut. The character development and interactions are what keep the audience intrigued.

This romantic comedy has enough plot twists to keep you on your feet, along with enough cliché romantic scenes to keep your tears pooling.

The Flyer gives “Stuck in Love” a 10/10.

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