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Want happiness? Then work hard


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Luxurious yachts, money in the bank, partying every day: this is how success is pictorialized through a variation of media outlets. Movies, television shows, music videos and even advertisements have been brainwashing the public with this false idea that success equates to money and power.

The true definition of success is achievement. First a person makes a goal and then faces obstacles to reach that set goal and when they finally achieve that goal, they get the feeling of happiness.

Success is the key to happiness.

Throughout life people achieve many small forms of success: getting a great test grade after studying, being able to make the bus on time after waking up late or walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator to further benefit a healthy lifestyle.

People also manage to achieve larger forms too, such as maintaining a strong and loving relationship, making smart investment plans or getting a college degree.

Success whether big or small provides people with the feeling of accomplishment, which in turn, boosts their self-esteem and provides them with happiness.

Everyday people are exposed to the rich and famous via social media, YouTube, magazines, newspapers and advertisements.

Most people of wealth have passion for whatever made them rich: music, real estate, acting, etc. These small passions then grew successful. They provided stability and ambition to grow and expand further. People who have a passion for music can become recording artists, music therapists, booking managers (and according to Forbes magazine these few job titles can blossom into six figure paying jobs).

Donald Trump, a television personality and real estate billionaire, is now running for president. He is a prime example of how one success can lead a person to want to achieve more. He has had multiple forms of success, which probably made him feel accomplished and at times arrogant, but he strives for more because when one is successful they feel empowered.

This is even commonly seen through average middle class American citizens as well, for example becoming a teacher. A person who loves kids and teaching will successfully attain a teaching degree to do what they love and what makes them content.

They may even go as far as to get involved with school activities like teaching a sports team, sponsoring a club or helping raise money for the school. They make small successes in those activities leading them to feel proud of their students, of themselves, of the school and ultimately happy and wanting to do more, to make more success happen.

People who volunteer and aid African villages that are in times of strife and misery feel fulfillment. They are filled with joy that they successfully contributed to the village community providing support for those in need and are happy to make others feel happy.

According to a Gallup Poll taken in 2014, it says that Americans that are actively involved with their community have a higher well being than those who don’t. Although the poll tried to control the variables of income and age, it states the “relationship between well-being and receiving recognition for community involvement persists.”

This relationship is always there. People receive recognition for their successes, for their achievements, it boosts their self-confidence and makes them feel happy.

Success is an everyday process everyone goes through in order to make their goals, dreams, wishes and desires happen. Sometimes people are faced with failures, which then leads them to try harder in order to achieve that success––that satisfaction. Every small success can lead to a bigger one, which in turn, can make a person’s life happy and content.

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