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Fashion Blogger: Bethany Durst


Staff Writer

Bethany Durst is not just your average senior. She’s a fashion blogger, who not only sees style blogging as a way to post about trends, but as a way to inspire others.

Durst is a Fredrick, Maryland native, and was a High Point University transfer student, who decided to transfer schools to be closer to home.

“I liked how close (Salisbury University) was to the beach and how nice everyone at the school is,” Durst said.

She has interned for College Fashionista, an online platform where college students, both men and women, take photos of trendy outfits and clothing items they see around campus. She is considered a style guru, and is responsible for posting trendy outfits from across the SU campus.

Alongside College Fashionista, Durst has interned for Snobswap in Washington D.C. The company is an online marketplace for designers and high end labels.

“I especially like my internship with College Fashionista because it allows me to connect with other bloggers and peers my age and learn from them,” Durst said.

The business marketing major first got interested in fashion blogging about two years ago. She would look up a lot of startup blogs to get most of her inspiration on content to post; as well as outfit ideas.

“I wasn’t sure of where it would take me and I had no idea that blogging was a career for some people,” Durst said. “I just did it as a way to share my outfits and personal style with other people because I was constantly being complimented on it.”

The blogger got a lot of inspiration from other famous bloggers like Rachel Ross and social media sites like Instagram.

Durst’s enthusiasm pushes her to keep writing and posting on her blogs.

With her own personal hurdles, Durst sees blogging as not just a hobby, but as a way to inspire readers and continue to motivate herself.

“Wanting a better future for myself motivates me the most, I know what it’s like to be at rock bottom,” Durst said. “Blogging allows me to help other people and feel good about it. I know my potential, and I know where I want to be when I’m older.”

After graduation, Durst hopes to go into the fashion industry. She gets the motivation from one of her friends who started her own boutique in Philadelphia called No.14.

“Seeing how far she’s come, and how fast, really inspires me to get out there and start working for what I want,” Durst said.

She is focusing more on getting her blog to the next level and acquiring the tools she needs to do so.

She is currently taking online courses in blogging and an online fashion courses from Teen Vogue and The Parsons School to educate herself more, to reach the goal of her getting big, as well as dip her toes in the fashion industry. If you want to view her website and see more of her work, visit

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