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Miss Patty brings a home away from home to the SU campus


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Within in first month of school, many Salisbury students have found themselves strolling into Breakfast Bum to get a taste of the delicious home-cooking; what they don’t expect is to come across the sweet owner, Patty Tauber, most affectionately know as “Ms. Patty.”

Ms. Patty, the ringleader of the campus’ “home away from home” style restaurant, is a woman of family. Coming from a tight-knit family here on the Eastern Shore, Ms. Patty brought the familial aspect to Salisbury University a few years ago.

Breakfast Bum is meant to be a safe and comfortable space where people could roll out of bed to delicious food.

“I wanted to remind students of home,” Ms. Patty said.

The name, Breakfast Bum, was created by her daughter. Ms. Patty’s family has always known her to never let them go hungry and to make them feel the love through food.

Breakfast Bum is filled with mismatched dining room sets personally picked and refurnished by Ms. Patty and her family.

“It’s interesting to see why students pick the table because it reminds them of home,” Ms. Patty said. “Somebody’s family sat here, did homework, had good times and bad.”

Breakfast Bum is filled with local residents and mostly faculty, staff and SU students.

“It’s the bomb and it’s affordable,” senior Jasmine White said. “It’s my home away from home.”

The doors and windows are even covered in drawings and quotes from families of customers.

She wants to make Breakfast Bum more than a place to eat. Wide dining room tables allow for board game playing and the Wi-Fi makes it a great space for studies.

Some film students have even made movies in the restaurant. Because they may need quiet, Ms. Patty has come back afterhours to open the shop to allow for filming.

Once a year, young students in the Pinehurst special needs program get a treat to come to Salisbury’s campus and have a taste of Ms. Patty’s cooking.

They have pancakes with ice cream, and end the day decorating her store front with chalk creations on the sidewalk.

Her love of customers and business does not stop there.

In the future, she plans to be able to collaborate with culinary and hospitality students in the area to teach them about running a restaurant and learning about everything from marketing and accounting to management in addition just to the cooking of the food.

All of the cooking is home-style and made-to-order. Ms. Patty cooks with fresh eggs, bacon, fruits and spices. If you look closely, you can spot her herb and spice plants growing near the windowsills. What appear to be homey decorations, are actually fresh herbs that she uses to create delicious food.

As an admired cancer survivor, Ms. Patty believes in health. Food, she believes, should be both delectable and nutritious. In the planters, spot the fresh mint, parsley, pineapples, peppers, rosemary and basil growing right on site. The ingredients she uses in her food have health benefits like reducing inflammation and improving urinary tract.

In her free time, Ms. Patty enjoys spending time with her family. She has a daughter, 34, and two grandchildren.

Before opening Breakfast Bum, Ms. Patty worked as a currier for a bank. She would drive 450 miles a day every week day. Her dad took her old route when she wanted to start the restaurant. Her family was on-board with the decision. Her grandson may even take over the business when he’s old enough.

Despite the restaurant’s name, Ms. Patty and her small staff serve breakfast and lunch as long as they are open. They welcome the community Tuesday through Sunday until 2 p.m.

She has made a home here on the University’s campus.

“I really like being on campus and when students bring parents then I know I’m loved,” Ms. Patty said.

Artwork of friends lines the walls of Breakfast Bum, but Ms. Patty welcomes students to make pieces to decorate as well.

“I kind of like it small,” Ms. Patty said. “It gives the personal feeling and touch.”

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