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Seven horror movies to get you in the Halloween spirit


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October is in full swing, which means football season is underway, pumpkin spice lattes are taking up 60 percent of your Instagram feed and if you’re like me, you’ve been searching for the perfect scary movie to get you into the Halloween mood.

Look no further thrill seekers, because we’ve compiled a list of the top-seven scary movies of all time, chosen by Salisbury University students like you.


The scariest movies are those that could actually happen. The 1975 classic Jaws is 124 minutes of nail-biting horror that will make you never look at sharks the same again.

After watching this movie, you’ll be glad summer is eight months away. Freshman Rachel Masci knows the feeling. “I got nightmares about Jaws eating me for weeks,” Masci said.Untitled


When an investigative journalist hears of a video that causes each viewers death exactly seven days after watching it, she has to see it for herself. Makes sense, right? When she sees the video herself, she has only seven days to figure out the mystery before she is killed.

The Ring is not just any horror movie, the psychological element will keep you up long after the final credits. And the visuals are extremely disturbing.

“The act of the girl crawling out of the television made it so scary,” sophomore Veahna Gardineer said.



When a young couple moves into their first house, they automatically feel like they are being watched. They set up cameras to try to catch the strange presence, and what they find will have you questioning every strange noise or movement in your room.

The scariest part of Paranormal Activity is that it seems so real. “It’s the scariest movie I’ve ever seen,” sophomore Morgan Drayton said. “ I had to sleep with the lights on after watching it.”



When a couple loses their first child to a miscarriage, they try adoption. But their new child may have something evil lurking inside her.

According to freshman Jessica Carroll, Orphan is even scarier than it sounds.

“Someone told me it wasn’t scary,” Carroll said. “They lied. I almost peed.”u4


A true-crime writer moves into the house of a serial killer he is researching without them knowing. He and his family soon start to suffer. Can you say karma?

Sinister is a movie that might leave you with more questions than answers.

“What if you moved into a house where a family was murdered and weird things start happening to you and your family?” freshman Cassidy Colbert said. “ And then you move away and your own child murders you? Is that fine?”

Well, no, that’s not fine, but it’s on Netflix so you never have to leave your bed to watch it. Just warn your roommate that you may be screaming for the next two hours.



Imagine moving to a new house and finding out that it’s haunted by a witch who sacrificed her baby to Satan. Scary, right? Even scarier—it’s based on a true story.

Freshman Megan Rice calls this movie the scariest she has ever seen.

“To this day, every time I hear two claps I want to cry,” Rice said.



Insidious is the story of a family who has to stop evil spirits from possessing their son who has suffered a coma. If that doesn’t sound scary enough, it’s from the makers of Sinister and Paranormal Activity and won Best Horror Film at the Fright Meter Awards in 2011.

This may sound like just another horror film of a family moving into a haunted house, but there is a reason it made it to No. 1 on our list.

Senior Emily Pets said that the music made the movie even scarier.

“I think I spent more time hiding behind my pillow than actually watching the movie,” Pets said. “You know this movie had to be good, since they made two sequels after it, and there is rumored to be a fourth on the way.”


So, whether you want to plan a scary movie marathon with your roommates or just need a little break from midterm studying, any of these movies are sure to freak you out. So grab a blanket and some popcorn, just be careful not to spill it when you scream.

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