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Popular Halloween costumes for college students


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Just a few days remain until one of the most anticipated fall holidays.

As Halloween is dawning on Salisbury, it is time to start thinking about costumes. If you are in a scramble and can’t seem to figure out what to be for Halloween this year, there are a few last minute ways to be creative. From DIY costume and ideas to inexpensive store bought ones, the limits are endless on how unique and creative a costume can be.

“DIY costumes are always go to, for Halloween,” Halloween enthusiast and SU student Sarah Rahman said. “It’s cheap, easy and fun for us college students who have either waited last minute or are super creative.”

According to Techinsider, websites like Pinterest and YouTube are where most people get their ideas from. Pinterest has even created a huge pin board for users to get Halloween inspirations, from décor to most importantly costumes.

“Pinterest is a lifesaver when it comes to ideas, this year my friends and I are thinking about being Loofahs,” SU student Carly Powell said. “We’ve looked at how they recreate them, and the steps are simple, it’s even works out better that we can go to hobby lobby and get supplies that are inexpensive.”

For missing pieces of a costume, students often go to stores like Good Will to see if they can salvage clothes to finish their costume or make cute and unique costumes.

In a survey taken from the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Halloween Consumer Top Costumes Survey, the top ranked costume this year range from Minions to pop culture figures.

Minions are ranked top three, in this year’s list of Halloween costumes. In stores like Party City and Halloween City these costumes are priced at $25. Pinterest shows you can recreate this popular costume for less, all that is needed is a yellow shirt, suspenders, blue shorts, and sunglasses.

According to Party City’s website, popular Halloween costumes this year are Disney Princesses, Orange is the New Black inspired jumpsuits and Avenger costumes.

The Barden Bellas from Pitch Perfect are also highly ranked as one of the top and simple Halloween costumes, according to Techinsiders. All that is needed to recreate this costume is a navy skirt, cardigan, white blouse, and a yellow scarf.

“I find shopping for a Halloween costume is more convenient than making or DIY one,” said junior Emma Flintop. “We are fortunate to have stores like Halloween City and Party City near SU, making the hunt for a costume easier and less stressful.”

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