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“Broforce” Review


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Hey you, yes you reading this review, you like 80’s action movie characters? How about video games where you shoot aliens, terrorists or demons? What if I told you there was a game that combined all four of these things?

Allow me to introduce you to “Broforce.”

“Broforce” is a side scrolling platformer by South African developer Free Lives, and published by Devolver Digital, the same publisher that released “Hotline Miami” and “Hotline Miami 2.”

In “Broforce,” you play as the titular group of “bros,” basically action movie characters with the word “bro” jammed into their name somewhere, and fight to protect peace, liberty and all things America . . . or something, there really is not much of a story here.

This game is all about running from the left side of the screen to the right, taking out as many enemies as you can, and it is incredibly fun. “Broforce” can become a mess of pixelated blood, explosions, bullets and destructible levels where you can lose track of yourself sometimes, but in the moment you really don’t care because you are having a blast.

You start out with one character, Rambro (Rambo + Bro), but over the course of the game’s campaign you can unlock up to 29 other bros by collecting them in stages.

Each bro also plays slightly differently with a variety of types of guns, and grenades. I’m not going to list any of them here though, as one of the joys of this game is seeing who you are going to unlock next, and how they play. You’ll chuckle at a lot of the puns.

This is what “Broforce” does extremely well; it just makes you smile, with obscure character references and bloody gunplay. This is the game you wanted to play when you were ten-years-old watching “Rambo.”

The main campaign has 15 stages each being made up of four or five levels with a boss fight at the end, it takes about five or six hours to complete the entire campaign. Once you are finished with the main campaign you can boot up the game’s level editor, which allows you to create your own stages and post them online, but you can also download new levels from other players. If you include the time spent messing around the level editor and other players’ levels, you can indefinitely play the game.

It also has local and online co-op so you can “bro-out” with your friends.

However, after a while playing, you will start to see some of its issues. A major one being that the game can get repetitive at times. While each character plays differently, the levels do not really change much throughout the campaign, and it is the same formula of getting to the end of the level every time.

The game eventually throws vehicles at you for you to drive, but they are not that great, as they are slow and kind of boring; you end up not using them and just running to the end of the level like you always do.

“Broforce” has three enemy types: terrorists, aliens and demons, and except in a few cases, they are all just resins of the same enemy. When you sit down to play this game through you can’t help but notice the redundancy.

Regardless of these issues though, “Broforce” is a (very) bloody good time with 80’s movie references, explosions and high fives. While the game can get repetitive at times, you can do a lot worse with $15 on Steam.

“Broforce” is currently available on PC through Steam, with an expected PS4 release in early 2016.

The Flyer gives “Broforce” a 7/10.

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