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The greatest thing to come to SU…Ever


Staff Writer

Strips of fire: three words that make many a Salisbury University student’s mouth water. Crispy and tender with the perfect amount of heat, they are one of the most popular items at the SU Commons.

These delicious strips consist of moist chicken, a fried exterior and spicy hot sauce infusion.

Whenever the station “Gold n’ Crispy” is fortunate enough to be graced by their presence, customers at The Commons can be seen patiently waiting through lines thick and thin just for their chance to partake in the deliciousness on the sporadic occasion that strips of fire are served.

Despite its popularity, Commons is strangely finicky about how often they provide the strips of fire, only serving them approximately once or twice a month. Whenever they do so they make a point of advertising it in the same way that they would advertise a cultural food event or some other grand occasion.

This begs the question: why is this notably popular item served so rarely?

Perhaps this is just the voice of one frustrated student, but with the strenuous amount of work we have to endure on a regular basis, sometimes all we want in return is to indulge in one of our favorite aspects the university.

Serving strips of fire on a more regular basis does not seem like it would be a difficult change to make, especially considering that certain items like hamburgers and grilled chicken breasts are already served on a daily basis.

I think I speak for the masses when I say that we demand to see our beloved strips of fire more often at the commons. This would be a most welcome change not only to Commons, but to the Salisbury University as a whole.

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