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Pemberton Coffeehouse closes its doors


Staff Writer

Walking through the doors of Pemberton Coffeehouse brings the overwhelming sensation of coming home to your grandmother’s cottage.

With the wooden frames, colorful chalk writing, cozy furniture, scenic view, artistic coffee designs and food customized to your taste buds, it isn’t hard to understand why.

But with the sudden news of the Coffeehouse’s unexpected closing on Nov. 29, Salisbury University students may have to find a new home away from home.

Pemberton Coffeehouse posted on their Facebook page on Nov. 10, after much deliberation, that they would be closing their doors for good.

“After many hours of family discussions and reluctance to let go of what has been such an important part of our lives, we have decided it is time to move forward and close the Coffeehouse,” they said on the Coffeehouse’s Facebook page.

The post went on to say that in the four years the Coffeehouse has been open, there have been several changes for the family as they continue to grow in their own fields and pursuing other passions.

“Rachel and Rebekah are both in nursing school; Danielle and Eliana are in high school; Erin is a PA and Alex is a Pharmacist; Penny is a Clinical Instructor of Nursing and Kevin has a growing business that he owns and operates,” the post read. “It became obvious that we could no longer invest the time needed to maintain our goals.”

After four years of celebrations and quiet, peaceful moments shared with loyal customers, some members of the community will feel a strong feeling of homesickness when the doors close for good.

“I think students will miss the most the feeling of home,” Joyce Groton, co-owner of Pemberton Coffeehouse, said. “I think especially those who are out of town have a place where they can come and get a homey feel.”

Groton, often referred to as “Granny Joyce” because she is the self proclaimed grandma of “all six grandkids”, expressed how difficult closing the coffeehouse will be for her.

“My family is here often and I get to be with them,” Groton said. “I’m going to miss being with my family, the customers that come in and just the feeling of belonging here.”

Though this closing is difficult, Groton feels like the Coffeehouse was everything the family wanted and more.

“Judging by our Facebook response, our vision for the Coffeehouse came true,” Groton said. “The atmosphere, the caring for customers, the high quality product, we would never choose price over quality and we hope the community understands that.”

When asked what was next for Granny Joyce, she joked about getting her house organized and her life back in order after devoting herself to the coffeehouse for the past four years.

“This place has become a second home to me, but we really hope the people carry it forward in later years to come,” Groton said.

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