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Self-publishing has become a staple of the try-hard author in hopes of publishing their work, attracting Salisbury University students like junior Scott Fisher, who recently released his first anthology, “A Righteous Series.”

The book focuses on a time traveler who learns how God works throughout his and his family’s lives, with Fisher saying his intention is to promote leadership and Christian values.

“It’s really the intricacies of that that make this book what it is,” Fisher said.

“A Righteous Series” consists of three smaller books: “A Righteous Story,” “A Righteous Return” and “A Righteous End.”

Along with the stories are approximately 30 self-done illustrations and has undergone a total of five revisions to date.

“God gave me inspiration for this series,” Fisher said. “I woke up one day after having a dream and I feel like God was telling me I need to write these books. Everything evolved from that dream and developed into what it is today.”

Fisher started writing the first book in the series “A Righteous Story” when he was a senior in high school, finishing it during his freshman year at Chesapeake College.

The second story in the series “A Righteous Return” was finished during his junior year at CC, while the third story “A Righteous End” was finished right before he transferred to SU.

“I think it was my English teacher, from my senior year at Colonel Richardson High School that encouraged me to actually write these down to be published and sold,” Fisher said.

Over the next couple years, Fisher edited and re-edited the three stories, making the final fifth revision available to the public as an anthology on Sept. 12, of this year.

Throughout this process, the title of the book underwent massive changes because of controversy, and the original title is still present within one of the book’s graphics.

“Originally the book was titled ‘The Leaders of God Prevail,’ but when I was talking to my grandma she mentioned that it sounded like there were leaders of God,” Fisher said. “That’s when I changed it to ‘The Leaders in God Prevail.’”

From here, Fisher said he still felt like the title of book would come off as too controversial, so he changed it to its final title “A Righteous Series.”

Fisher is currently working on a new title “The Loving” which will focus on a society that has denounced emotion for technology, leading to God stepping in and changing lives through the main protagonist, Elisabeth.

“A Righteous Series” is exclusively available through Lulu in paperback. Additionally, the first book in the series “A Righteous Story” is available via iBooks and the Nook store

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