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How to Deal With Final Exam Stress


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Finals are coming.

As the semester is coming to an end, many students are preparing for the various stresses and pressures that come along with final exam week. From writing papers to preparing for cumulative exams, there are many options to help students deal with the anxieties of finals.

The Salisbury University on-campus counseling center co-sponsors programs with STAND4YOU, which is a campus campaign that focuses on suicide prevention, to hold events like Stress-Less Week, being organized by Hailey Walker, the president of Active Minds.

“We are still in the process of planning Stress-Less Week, but we plan to collaborate with the Tai Chi Club, honors program, counseling center and therapy dogs,” Walker said. “These events are made to be really fun, stress-reducing events for students.”

Stress Less Week will be held in December.

Blackwell Library also has different ways to get students motivated to study, as they extend hours, where students can stay at the library for 24 hours a day. The Final’s Fairy leaves clues on Blackwell’s social media accounts leading to other prizes that students can find and win in the library.

“I think it’s a great way to encourage and push students to spend their time at the library more,” junior Keonna Simms said.

The library isn’t just the only option students have while looking for a place to buckle down and study. Students often go to other academic buildings on campus like GUC’s Fireside Lounge and even the computer labs in TETC.

“Usually I’m about Club Blackwell, but there are other places like the Starbucks at Seagull Square, and even a meditation room in GUC that would be good places to study,” sophomore Jessica Skidmore said.

There are also different resources on SU’s website that students can go to get helpful study and stress tips. Along with these events the Counseling Center holds, students can always make an appointment to consult with a counselor if they need to speak about the stresses they are facing not only during finals week but throughout the year.

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