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Logic for Gullfest, it’s the logical thing



Budget cuts will make Gull Fest only one artist.

Probably not what anyone on campus wants to hear about the popular spring concert, but a particular artist comes to mind that would rock the intramural fields and would be a good choice for a few reasons.

Gull Fest 2015 certainly didn’t help the case for another hip-hop act to perform at Salisbury University in 2016, but rapper and Maryland native Logic shouldn’t be looked overlooked because he falls under the same category. Last year Mac Miller got on stage high as a kite and essentially told students to do drugs and alcohol. He also risked his paycheck dropping multiple f-bombs for no reason.

On top of that Miller demanded an insane list of snacks and drinks over one page long to the Student Organization for Activity Planning, and before Mac Miller went on stage, Jessie J, another hip-hop artist, took her shirt off while performing, wearing only a leather bikini top.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Logic, who stopped a fight earlier this year while on stage at one of his shows.

He obviously cares about his fans, more so than most rappers that come to mind, except for maybe J. Cole, who is also on SOAP’s radar for the concert.

SOAP polled students outside of The Commons this past week, and had multiple hip hop artists on the list of potential acts, Logic and J. Cole being two of them, a good sign for hip hop fans. Let’s just hope they don’t bring in someone else who only has one or two good songs.

Logic doesn’t have one or two songs that stick out, constantly being played on the radio. Instead he now has two well-rounded albums that would be much more satisfying at a concert over an hour long.

Instead of promoting his sophomore album in the days before it came out on Nov. 13, Logic visited some of his biggest fans at their own homes and played the album for them.

He literally brought music to their living room, along with food and snacks…. for his fans. Logic sends a message of positivity in his music, contrary to the perceived image some people have of a “typical hip-hop act” who merely raps about sex, drugs and money. Logic’s fan tour can be seen on Visonary Music’s YouTube page.

Oh, and Logic keeps his clothes on while he performs.

One thing SOAP always requires of their Gull Fest acts is they be approved by the community and police. Anyone who puts the time into getting a tour bus and driving around the country for ten days playing music for his fans in their living room probably won’t threaten the community here.

Splurge on the one act and don’t abandon a music genre that is one of the most popular among college students.

It’s been successful in the past too. Lupe Fiasco had an electrifying opening for Calvin Harris in 2013 and was one of the best performances in recent Gull Fest history.

A good chunk of the campus won’t go to Gull Fest no matter who the artist is, and some will dismiss Logic if he’s announced as the act in 2016, but people should give him a chance, because his music is just as infectious as his attitude and personality.

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