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Things to be thankful for at SU


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It’s that time of the year where college students from all over the country are eager to go home to their families for Thanksgiving break, especially those from out of state who haven’t been home yet this semester.

Spending quality time with family, enjoying home cooked meals, reuniting with old friends and snuggling with your pet over break are all things to be thankful for, but in the meantime, don’t forget about the plenty of things here on campus to be thankful for as well, as we count down our days towards Thanksgiving break.

The Tunnel that gets you safely across Rt.13

Safety is a main priority for the students of Salisbury and the tunnel under Rt. 13 is the safest way to get across it, whether you’re catching a football game or are just in the mood for food at Cook Out. Running across four lanes of highway is never advised, and the tunnel serves as the safest path back to campus.

Free Laundry

How many people from other universities complain about their struggle of finding enough quarters in order to do a basic chore as their laundry? Throwing in a hamper full of dirty clothes and pressing a button with no thought of digging for quarters or adding in soap is not something to take for granted! Not to mention with the use of the mobile app, LaundryView, which notifies when washers and dryers are available and can text you when your load is finished, doing laundry in a dorm is fairly easy at SU.

Relatively short walks to all your classes

Unlike universities home to 40,000 students, SU’s campus is pretty navigable and does not require a shuttle to get from theater class to biology. From corner to corner, or from TETC to Commons, it is about a ten-minute walk, and with the harsh months of winter upon us, it is definitely something to be thankful for.

Proximity to Cook Out and Chipotle (and various other fast food chains)

According to, Chipotle comes in at No. 1 for the most preferred fast food choice by college students. We are lucky to be in walking distance of burrito bowls and a designated 2 a.m. hangout spot to share milkshakes with friends.

The new Academic Commons

Blackwell Library was built for a campus of 2,600 students, but now, that number has nearly quadrupled, with over 8,600 students attending SU. $111.4 million dollars is going towards the largest building ever in the history of SU, which will house a brand new library, classrooms, and modernized research and study spaces. “The building has been designed to foster synergy, community and creativity in learning. It will be transformative for our campus,” President Janet Dudley-Eshbach said.

Gull’s Nest’s Late Hours

If you miss dinner at Commons due to a late night class, Gull’s Nest has you covered. Late night cramming leads to the late night food runs and Gull’s Nest is the place to go for anything from mozzarella sticks to Ben and Jerry’s up until 11:30 p.m.

Being 30 minutes away from the beach

Shopping on the Ocean City boardwalk and stargazing on Assateague Island are perks of living so close to the shore. As a huge tourist destination, Ocean City offers various attractions and offers many employment opportunities for students.


“Wheels when you want them” is their motto and that’s exactly what you can get with Salisbury’s brand new car-sharing program. This was an effort to go-green on campus. Students can rent a car for $7.50 an hour which will cover gas and insurance for up to 180 miles a day.

Printing Services

Many students do not know about the printing service offered in TETC. Templates for professional looking posters are available on SU’s website. All you have to do is create it on PowerPoint and bring it to the printing center on a flash drive. This is a free service beneficial to any class project whether it is a poster for a business proposal or ad campaign. Students also have access to 300 free prints per week at printing centers around campus.

Extensive drink menu at Cool Beans

With such an inviting and cozy atmosphere, Cool Beans has a convenient location in GUC to stop for a caffeine break or a post work out smoothie. There are new drinks of the month each month along with their many other coffee, tea, frappe and smoothie customizable options.

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