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Ugly Sweater Walk to raise money for Arthritis


Staff Writer

On December 6th, Salisbury University and the Arthritis foundation will be holding an Ugly Sweater walk with all proceeds going to the foundation.

It only takes $5 to sign up and any donations will help the foundation and people dealing with this disease. If you can’t attend, you can still donate on a gofundme page for the walk.
Arthritis affects every one in five adults in the U.S and is the number one cause of disability in the country. The term arthritis is a way of referring to over 100 different types of joint diseases that 53 million adults deal with on a daily basis.

The disease doesn’t only affect adults, as 300,000 children across the U.S fight with arthritis.If you know somebody with arthritis, you know how much it can change the way the person lives as well as knowing the importance of getting the proper treatment.

Prizes and a certificate will go to the first and second place winners for having the ugliest sweater. There will be food and drinks and festive music

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