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Town Gown Survey


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As Salisbury University celebrates its 90th anniversary, the city of Salisbury is continuing to grow not only in local business, projects and civic engagement, but in ongoing efforts to create an even closer relationship with the university as well.

To do this, the Salisbury community just concluded a survey in which members had had the opportunity to share their opinions on how they would like to continue to increase a positive relationship with SU through the Town Gown Survey sponsored by SU.

The Town-Gown Council was established in 2003 by Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach to provide a forum for community and campus members to discuss topics of mutual interest. These topics range from student-community partnerships to safety initiatives, public policies and connections between the University’s academic departments and local organizations.

This survey is set to not only help strengthen ties between the community, but continue the rapid growth the city is having.

“I think it is very important that the community members have a way to communicate what they think would benefit the community through using resources the university can provide,” junior Amira Wrotham said.

The survey, which was administered through Optimal College Town Assessment that includes questions about SU events, classes and interactions between staff and students. SU will be the third campus in the country to have this survey help the campus communities, with other colleges including Ohio State University, University at Mansfield and St. Catharine’s College.

“The Optimal College Town Assessment will provide SU with raw feedback from local community members that we will be able to use to develop an engagement plan for our Town-Gown Council moving forward,” Deputy Chief of Staff and SU Government and Community Relations Director Robby Sheehan said. “It is important for us to understand whether the work that we are doing at a corporate level is truly making a positive impact at a granular, individual citizen, level.”

SU is also a member of the International Town-Grown Association, where their mission is to create strong ties and partnership between university campuses and their communities. Other members include American University, Boston University and Clemson University.

“It is good that SU is a part of these organizations,” junior Jonice Hyeems said. “It shows that the university is striving to make the local communities expand with its businesses and just in general.”

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