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Shia LaBeouf has made news lately in many ways, including his incarceration, skywriting, plagiarism and freestyle rapping. He went at it again with a performance art piece called #ALLMYMOVIES.

Over a span of three days, 55 hours in total, LaBeouf screened every single movie he has ever been in in reverse chronological order.

The screenings were free of charge, hosted at a New York’s Angelika Film Center, and were screened for 24 hours a day with short breaks between each film just to clean the theater and allow people in and out of the paper.

If people couldn’t attend the actual screenings, there was a live stream of LaBeouf’s face while he was watching the films. The live stream was silent, so the viewer could only see the facial expressions that LaBeouf made during the movies.

#ALLMYMOVIES is a very unique piece of performance art. LaBeouf is in an interesting situation, since he began his career as a child actor, so he gets to see how his career has progressed, as well as how he has progressed as a person.

This is something that viewers do not usually get to experience with a celebrity. They see how they progress and how friends and family progress, but people never really look at a celebrity as a constantly developing person who changes and grows just like everyone else.

There is something about just watching someone’s emotional reactions to their own catalogue of work over an exhaustingly long period of time that gives viewers a feeling of connection with LaBeouf. There are few celebrities who would ever even consider sitting in a movie theater with a bunch of people to watch all of their own movies.

It was hard to stop watching this livestream for some reason. There’s just something intriguing about watching someone watch their own movie. Viewers could feel the comradery in the theater between Shia LaBeouf and all of the people who showed up to watch with him. They are all experiencing the same thing together, and those who watched the livestream could feel the mood in the room during different times throughout the span of the performance.

This performance also opened the doors for other celebrities to potentially follow suit. It would be very entertaining to see other celebrities go through their bodies of work, such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp who both have an extensive playlist.

The piece was very intriguing and might have introduced something new into the art community. It makes a person think about growth and gives a feeling of nostalgia.

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