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How to celebrate the Super Bowl



February is here and you know what that means. Over 100 million people will gather around their televisions and watch the Super Bowl. This year will be no different, and we at the Flyer want you to watch the Super Bowl in style, so here a couple tips on having an awesome college Super Bowl party.

  1. Figure out the location. Location, location location. What are your options? Do you have a house off campus with a big living room? Is your dorm room your only viable option? The venue for a Super Bowl party should have plenty of room to sit and watch the game, and even a separate room for people to go if they want to snack or have a place to cry if their team starts losing.
  2. Invite people. There’s no point in having a party if you don’t invite anyone. Guests are the most important components of a great Super Bowl party. Great guests are there to laugh along with you to the commercials, give color commentary on the plays made on the field and even criticize the wardrobe choices made by backup dancers during the half-time show. Guests can make or break a party, and who you invite can set the tone for the whole night. Just remember that the best guests are the ones that bring snacks.
  3. Get food. This is one of the best ways to make sure people show up. College kids need to eat, and having it at your football party will make it even better. If you’re a college kid on a budget, don’t think you have to break the bank on full course meals. Break out the chips and dip, get some off brand soda and have everyone chip in on ordering pizza. If you are attending someone else’s Super Bowl party, be a good guest and bring a party food or drink to share. The host will definitely appreciate it.
  4. Organize extra activities. A Super Bowl party doesn’t just have to be about watching the game. If you have space, maybe set up an impromptu football game in the backyard before the game starts. Try to remember that not everybody likes watching football, but everyone likes to have a good time. Try to create opportunities for those that might get easily bored watching the game for an extended period. Try setting out a board game or maybe a deck of cards. Trying to make sure everyone is included is a sign of a great party host.
  5. Alternate ideas. If there’s no good place to have a decent party, or maybe your TV isn’t big enough, consider moving the party to a local sports bar or restaurant. Many of them are probably running promotions and deals on Super Bowl Sunday, so research those if that seems to be more appealing than hosting your own party.

Brew River is planning on running discounts on their wings, beer, oysters and more for Football Sunday. If you live on campus, there are most likely going to be Super Bowl parties organized by RA’s on your floor. Just ask around and you can probably find one in your building.

By utilizing these easy tips, anyone can plan out a great way to celebrate one of America’s favorite pastimes. Just remember to be responsible and utilize Salisbury’s Saferide if you need a ride back to campus.

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