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Marvel’s New Marvelous Show


Staff Writer

Alcohol, superpowers and a crazy ex-boyfriend, three elements that create a new thrilling television show called “Jessica Jones.”

The show was inspired by Marvel’s comic book “Alias,” where Jones’ character first appears. Her character is introduced into several other popular comics as well, so there is the possibility she might interact with some famous Marvel super heroes down the road.

The show designers chose an opening sequence that fits perfectly as it pays tribute to the stories origin: a comic. The bold colorful backgrounds and black silhouettes look artistic and are tastefully done as if they were from a comic book themselves. The jazz music really fits the private investigator and noir persona of Jones.

Jones has the power of super strength and the ability to jump really high, but the show really focuses on how she suffered abuse from a man with mind-control and turned to drinking to cope.

Her first inclination was to run when she discovered he is back in town, but she soon decides to stay and expose him for what he really is: manipulative and evil.

This drama-action series is highly addictive and the plot is continuously moving and keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. The fight scenes are decent, but definitely not the best, especially when compared to Netflix’s other Marvel hit series “Daredevil.” However, the special effects are well done and the acting is above average for a television show, with the actors being well-chosen for their roles.

In addition, the super villain is absolutely perfect; he is humorous, in love with the main character, has a cool villain name and is absurdly narcissistic.

The character development was well done and over the first season, the writers made a welcome change by making the villain progress into a more relatable character. The writers have also done that with the other main characters as well by having back-stories, flashbacks and meaningful relationships.

Marvel wants all of their shows and movies to be connected like the comic books they are based upon. It is nice that all the superheroes are together and acknowledge each other, but it takes away from the initial story.

Not only that, but “Jessica Jones” poorly integrates “The Avengers.” The awkward mentioning of what happened in the city and that aliens attacked really takes away from the show because it is so out of place in this noir sque dialogue. Also apparently people with powers have to lay low because of what happened in New York, but this is not really explained well and writers need to work on that, especially if viewers have not watched the movies the dialogue is referring to.

There is violence, language and some nudity, but all in which make a television show worth watching. All of the episodes for the first season are all available on Netflix in which any student can easily access and enjoy.

The Flyer gives “Jessica Jones” an 8/10.

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