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Tips for transfer students


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Newsflash: Starting a new school can be just as nerve wracking for a transfer student as it is for a freshman.

While transfer students already have a basic idea of what college is, either from attending another large university or community college, previous connotations and expectations can delay assimilation to Salisbury University.

According to the Salisbury University website, an average of 1,200 transfer students will become seagulls every semester. For these students, there are a lot of concerns they have for the upcoming semester.

Sierra Little, a freshman marketing major, is starting her first semester at SU after staying home for the fall semester to go to community college.

“I’m excited to meet new people and experience college life,” Little said. “The only thing I’m worried about is that classes here will be harder than at my community college.”

Luckily for her, there are plenty of transfer students who have come before her who know how to get adjusted to SU.

Mahlet Yosef is a senior community health major who transferred to Salisbury her junior year.

“I did not want to come here and I was in a building with just freshmen,” Yosef said. “ So I was getting ready to transfer from here but then I joined a club, made some friends and ended up falling in love with the school and city”.

Yosef is now a Resident Assistant on campus, student leader of one 21 and President of CRU.

“I always tell my residents, ‘I know I sound like a high school counselor, but particularly at Salisbury, joining some type of club or organization can make a world of difference, especially for new students.’“

SU puts its best foot forward when it comes to making sure these new students feel welcomed. Activity fairs are always held at the beginning of each semester as well as a mandatory new student orientation.

While these opportunities open a lot of doors for new students to branch out, meet new people and join organizations, it is truly up to the transfer student to start off the year right.

Josh Turner, a senior, transferred to SU last year after 3 years at Anne Arundel Community College. He believes that joining a club and getting to know the people in your building helps transfer students adjust.

“It’s so easy to fall into an attitude of feeling excluded because you missed the freshman experience, but it’s so easy to get involved if you just put yourself out there” Turner said.

Here are some tips for transfers from The Flyer:

  • Go to Welcome Week Activities so you can learn more about what’s on campus.
  • Check out all the clubs you’re interested in and go to the meetings. You may be surprised in what interests you.
  • Get to know your roommate, clustermates and suitemates. You may find you have a lot in common.
  • Don’t just stay in your room all day. Go study in the lounge or lobby and talk to people.
  • Remember to be open minded about a new school. Things will be different than your old school, but different can be good.
  • Get to know the surrounding city. There are a ton of fun things to do off campus in Salisbury.
  • Don’t just focus on schoolwork when you transfer. College is NOT all work and no play.
  • Don’t stress about not being here since you were a freshman. There is no exact formula for college and odds are, no one can even tell unless you tell them.

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