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SU helps high schoolers get a step ahead


News Editor

After years of collaboration, students are now able to take classes for college credit at Worcester Technical High School.

Students from across the county come to the school as juniors and seniors, and those who are a part of WTHS’s Project Lead the Way Program for Engineering or Biomedical Science for Dual Enrollment.

This program will make it easier for them in the long run to come into college with potentially a full semester’s worth of credits already completed, according to SU’s Henson School of Science and Technology Dean Karen Olmstead.

Olmstead also said that she believes this is a better program for high school students than Advanced Placement courses because the students will get graded on their work and mastery of the material several times throughout the year, as opposed to just on one day at the end.

“This provides the students with an opportunity to take the entire year to learn the content and be assessed several times, not just that one day for the AP test,” she said.

Olmstead also said that she hopes more students will decide to come to SU after graduation after becoming acquainted with the school and faculty from SU and Henson. Typically 2 of the 20-24 students involved in the WTHS program come after graduation, but Olmstead hopes this number will at least double with the launching of the Dual Enrollment program.

Olmstead predicted that these students would most likely enter the Computer Science or Engineering majors at SU, which are two of the school’s fastest growing.

“The Worcester County Public Schools is excited by the opportunity to partner with Salisbury University and create a Dual Enrollment program,” Worchester County Public Schools Chief Academic Officer John Quinn said. “It is our hope that by allowing PLTW students to also earn credits from Salisbury University, we will be able to provide our students with more advanced, rigorous coursework in order to improve their high school education, increase their motivation and engagement in their learning, and help establish a pipeline of strong STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) focused graduates who will enroll in Salisbury University to take advantage of one of the many outstanding STEM programs of study that the university offers.”

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