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Beneficial apps


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In today’s modern world, there is just about an app for anything and everything.

Need some food? Use GrubHub. Need a distraction? Play some Candy Crush! Need a date? Tinder has your back.

There are also apps for really weird things. There’s an app that tells people when the best time to pee during a movie is (Run Pee). There’s an app that can help locate a parked car in a pirate voice (Carrr Matey). There is even an app that pastes images of cats into pictures (Cat Paint).

With an estimated 1.5 million apps on the Apple Store, it is no wonder so many people are on their smartphones all the time.

“Honestly, every app is more of a distraction than anything,” freshman Margaux Hrab said.

According to the Washington Times, new findings done by Informate Mobile Intelligence, a Seattle based research group, found that the average American spends 4.7 hours a day on their phone.

But what most people fail to realize is how beneficial this screen time can be, if spent productively and efficiently.

With the impending and constant stress of college on SU students’ backs, it seems that discovering apps that can help take a load of stress off is ideal.

The Flyer went around campus asking students what apps they think are best for college students and here are the results.

  • Canvas: The best way to check MyClasses is right on your phone so you know your grades and any upcoming assignments.
  • Quizlet: “I like Quizlet because you can study wherever and you don’t have to carry around 400+ notecards. Plus it gives you actual quizzes to help you practice,” sophomore Nicole Bayer said.
  • Voxer: “Awesome for group projects. It’s like a group message but you use voice. It can help you get your ideas across because of your inflections,” sophomore Arthur Lembo said.
  • Balanced: “It’s basically a self-care to-do list that shows things as time progresses rather than just in a simple list. So I have mine set to remind me to drink water twice a day, and run 3 times a week,” graduate student Casey Coleman said.
  • Evernote: Saves all your notes on any device that has the app. You can also organize it by notebooks.
  • Uber: You may be surprised Salisbury has Ubers in the first place, but this is a great app that can help you get out of a sticky situation on a weekend.
  • GroupMe: “Great for group messages. This app makes it easy to keep everything in line,” said Coleman.
  • Flipboard: “You can take different news outlets and news stories and put them into your own newspaper. You can look through all the headlines of the day and pick which ones you want to read.” Lembo said.
  • Mint: “Mint is really good to help you manage your money in college,” sophomore Monica Hill said.
  • Duolingo: “It’s a fun free app that teaches you another language. I like this because it’s actually fun and it teaches through word association, vocalization, pictures, and sentences/ grammar. It’s more than just repetition,” Coleman said.
  • Pocket: “Put it on both a desktop and phone. You save tabs for later. When I am looking for articles and I need to cite them or print them later, I can put them in pocket and pick it up on any device,” Lembo.

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