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“Black Goat Motorcycle Club” is a bloody good time


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You remember werewolves right? They look like regular wolves, but are really just pretty boys with six packs that can turn into wolves.

At least that is what “Twilight” taught me.

“Black Goat Motorcycle Club” is a new novel from Jason Murphy. The book is an extremely dark and bloody horror story about a group of characters trying to survive a siege against the titular biker gang (who are also werewolves).

The story does have a pretty large cast of characters, especially for a book of this size (234 pages), and at first it feels a little overwhelming with the book jumping around to different perspectives pretty often.

But each character gets enough development to feel like an actual character, and not just meat for the werewolf grinder. The reader will grow attached to at least a few of them and will also have a hard time deciding just who the real protagonist of the story is.

Once the conflict starts though, it gets rolling and the bodies start dropping.

If you can say anything about this book, the “Black Goats” feel like a force of nature. Reading this book will invoke a sense of dread for the characters, all of whom are dying in horrible, very descriptive ways.

It was also nice to see a werewolf that is portrayed as what they are supposed to be: monsters. Violent, unmerciful monsters. The biker gang does some pretty messed up stuff and this book is definitely not for those easily grossed out by blood and gore.

Because of the book’s length the reader does not get a lot of detail about the book’s world, but what they do get leaves them wanting more. Certain characters hint at other supernatural forces leaving the reader wanting to know more about it.

They will not though. The book is really short and depending on how fast the reader is, they could knock this out in less than a week. If the reader wants an epic that will set up a world and answer all of your questions, they should also look elsewhere.

But this book is not about that; “Black Goat Motorcycle Club” is here to tell its story and get out, which is refreshing. It is nice to read a horror story that is not “Stephen King length.”

And at $5 for the Kindle version this book is a steal, as long as the reader knows what they are getting into: a bloody, visceral story.

The Flyer gives “Black Goat Motorcycle Club” a 7/10.

(Disclaimer: A copy of the book was provided for the purpose of this review.)

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