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Women’s softball splits double header with Va. Wesleyan



Put the freshmen in, Coach.

Game-hoppers on east-campus heard the bleacher hype grow stronger on Wayne St. after the first over-the-fence run was hit by a young, new face in the second game of the double header. Sea Gull’s softball took one win and one loss to Va. Wesleyan, 5-0, 7-1.See  below to find out whose run turned the second game.

Below – Number 11 senior in-fielder Molly Simpson follows through during game one on Saturday. Simpson combined with Third Baseman Katie Sebbane for 10 home-runs last season and the seniors hope to top that number for their final year.


Below – Outfielder and senior Rachel Spadin tags the Virginia Wesleyan Marlin as she tries to take second. Defense was strong during the first game of the double header on Saturday but could not help the 5-0 loss.


Below –Number 16 senior pitcher Annah Brittingham(right) winds up the pitch during the first game of Saturday’s double header. Number 10 senior Katie Sebbane watches over third, preparing for a left ball.


Below – Number 15 senior Paige Knussman prepares the throw back to Brittingham while the Marlins number 6 senior Kayla Dost accepts her strikeout.


Below – Number 8 sophomore outfielder LeAnne Collins goes up to bat during the second game of the double header. The gulls took this win 7-1 after their 5-0 loss just hours prior.


Below – Number 17 freshman outfielder Courtney Tate runs into home after hitting an over-the-fence homerun, landing the first run of the second game of the double header on Saturday for the Sea Gulls.

Tate is from Seaford, DE and attended Sussex Technical High School.

DSC_5273 (2)

Below – Tate’s hit provided three runs. She is greeted by her team to celebrate. Coach Margie Knight(center) victory fists-pumps the runs.


Below – Number 10 senior third baseman Katie Sebbane was the last to slide into home after Tate’s run, but was not pleased with the umpire’s call.


*All Photos and tags compiled by Brianna Tiedeman


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  1. Donna Tate-Steinbiss Donna Tate-Steinbiss February 24, 2016

    Thank you for the nice article including Tate and her run. The pictures were great! I have shared the site with whoever will listen. Tate is a great player and is my niece. You will see many more of these from her. (In the World Series last summer, she had a grand slam!)

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