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Gullfest is coming, but with which artist?



“As soon as we know we will let everyone know.”

Those the words of SOAP Concert Chair Liana Ramos-Izquierdo, who sat down with the Flyer today, and says that SOAP has narrowed down this spring’s performers to “a handful” of people and expects to know who will come to Salisbury University within the next two weeks.

A number of logistical issues with initial Gullfest hopefuls forced SOAP to resort to an alternative list of possible artists, but Ramos-Izquierdo is determined to get someone to the ‘Bury that students will enjoy.

“I want to keep it like its always been,” she said, but she said having less than half the budget they had last year for the event certainly does not help make the process easier.

So what else does Ramos-Izquierdo know? Well she is not going to tell anyone who the potential artists are until they confirm them for sure, and we did not expect her to tell us either. But here is what we do know:

WHO: A possible mix of genres, but Ramos-Izquierdo says it will be closer to hip-hop because it’s a popular style of music among college students. The concert will likely feature two artists – an opener and headliner – with the winner of WXSU’s “Battle of the Bands” contest possibly going on before those two.

WHEN: May 1. For a variety of reasons. Ramos-Izquierdo said the concert will remain on a Sunday so that SU students don’t go too wild, and that decision is not necessarily made by SOAP. The word “higher-ups” was used.

WHERE: This year Gullfest will not be at the intramural fields. Because the varsity baseball team may host a game on May 1, SOAP has two places in mind, Maggs Gym and the empty field along South Division Street. However when asked about possibly using the new Sea Gull Stadium, Ramos-Izquierdo said they had not considered that, but perhaps they will.

HOW…much it will cost: Probably in the $5-$10 range, and the SOAP Concert Chair says that to avoid lines and SOAP wanting to sell as many tickets as possible, the Guerrieri University Center Information Desk will be selling tickets to the concert at all times throughout the day when it is open.

For more Gullfest news in the upcoming weeks, follow us on twitter @suflyer, and SOAP on twitter @SUSOAP.

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