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SU’s Women’s Circle awards Salisbury students


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Mary Kate Lamm, a pre-nursing major and Hayley Schindler, a biology major were the two recipients of the SU’s Women’s Circle Award. The honor helps to  contribute to their study abroad plans over this past winter break.

Lamm spent three weeks in Cape Town, South Africa this January. There, she was able to work in various clinics and hospitals to strengthen her pre-nursing background.

Her experience in Cape Town provided her with information on the treatment of Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), fetal alcohol syndrome and tuberculosis.

“This experience (made) me more aware of healthcare outside the United States,” Lamm said. “Nursing and health care practices are very different in each part of the world.”

Hayley had the opportunity to intern in Maui, Hawaii for 20 days while studying human effect on the marine environments, while focusing on boat pollution and breeding activities.

“Spending every single day with the humpback whales was really eye-opening because I learned so much about them, yet there is still so much more to be discovered,” Schindler said. “We influence the lives of animals much more than people think.”

The Women’s Circle is an organization honoring a diverse group of women with unique experiences that come together in the spirit of education, SU Women’s Circle Contact and SU employee Stefanie Gordy said.

Currently, SU students and alumni are actively involved with the recognition of respecting other people and their differences. The Women’s Circle believes in prepping women for the professional and personal development.

“The endowment is a big part of where we are because that’s where we get to help students,” Gordy said.

An open-minded approach is always encouraged and taught throughout interactions during the daily act of coming in contact with other people, she said. It’s a genuine foundation for the leadership qualities of being able to do, impact, and being able to see the bigger picture of their educational journey.

“This generation really recognizes the importance of being a part of something bigger,” Gordy said.
Lamm and Schlinder will have the opportunity to share their experiences and the impact that it has had during an on-campus luncheon that will be held on Thursday, March 24.

The Women’s Circle of SU will be hosting several more events throughout the remainder of the spring semester. The level of commitment and effort that is emphasized within the community and student body represents the uplifting faith and impact that is created from this organization, Gordy said.

“Nothing speaks stronger than the students do,” said Gordy.

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