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New Route 13 Food Complex Adds a Pizza Place


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​St. Patrick’s Day will bring luck to Salisbury University students in the form of pizza (and wings).

Students will have several new restaurants close to campus to choose from by March 17. At the corner of Dogwood Drive and Route 13, a food court style complex is almost finished.

The complex, located at 1400 S. Salisbury Blvd where University Tire was previously located, has been repurposed and is now home to four restaurants, a bar and a seating area for over 200 patrons.

Unique features of the complex include open-air seating space equipped with fans to keep air moving, and walls that will be rolled up in the warmer months to give guests a unique outdoor eating experience.

The building has an environmentally-friendly design to save energy and money. In the winter, the building will be kept warm with recycled grease from the restaurants in the complex.

The complex will be home to a café, a bar, a barbeque restaurant, a wing restaurant and DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza, a specialty pizza place that gets its name from Marco da Nizza, an Italian explorer from the 1500s.

DaNizza’s owner’s Harry Matcalfe and Bryan Keith had been friends for 20 years when Matcalfe decided he wanted to open a restaurant. And since Keith owns several Italian restaurants and knows his way around the business, he was happy to help out his friend.

Now, they will be opening the first pizza place in Salisbury that uses an Earth Stone oven.

Chefs will use a heat gun to make sure the oven is between 800 and 1000 degrees, the temperature needed to cook the pizza. Then the pizza only cooks for about two minutes and is ready to go. It is a relatively new technology that is rare on the east coast, but is growing.

The restaurant uses  homemade dough that ferments for two days before it can be cooked, thus the restaurant’s slogan, “It’s all about the dough!”

By mid-March, students will be able to stop in at DaNizza and choose between three different sauces and a variety of toppings. One pizza will cost $9.99 with up to three toppings, which can be paid for with a Gull Card.

Matcalfe and Keith are looking forward to being the new go-to pizza place for Salisbury students, and having a fun seating area furnished with picnic tables, TVs, charging stations and palm trees where friends and families can hang out. They are also looking for student employees with flexible schedules who can work in the kitchen.

DaNizza can be reached at 302-561-5412.

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  1. Stefanie Stefanie March 15, 2016

    Had their pizza yesterday and it was amazing!

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