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Never Have I Ever…Been a Bartender


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After about a year and a half of serving at Brew River I have finally made it. I’m a bartender.

I’ve heard over the time I’ve worked at Brew that bartending was where the money was at.

The hours suck while you’re in school, but you deal with it because you’re making bank.

I was sincerely excited to learn the trade, so while everyone else was in a tropical wonderland for spring break, I was concocting orange crushes and pouring craft beers at Brew.

After three days of training in the main bar, I had my first shift by myself. Dock Bar on St. Patrick’s Day.

When I clocked in I was extremely intimidated, because I knew that all the more senior bartenders probably hated me for getting such a good shift on my first day and I didnt event not know off hand what a green tea shot was if it hit me in the face.

All I could think about was one of my training shifts were a bartender told me “just wing it if you don’t know a drink.”

The day started out pretty slowly, until happy hour.

All the “regulars” that come in everyday helped ease my nerves as they encouraged me that I would be fine.

After 14 hours of starting tabs, mixing drinks and turning my hands green with food coloring for festive Coors Lights, the day proved to not be as bad as I thought it would be.

I think the last summer’s serving experience at Brew truly helped me recognize the pace that the bar takes during a sunny day.

I was honestly just hoping that I did as well as I thought I had. From my perspective I felt like I was keeping up with the other bartenders, but I could have been very wrong.

The other bartenders did tell me at the end of the night that I did well, which meant the world to me.

I felt like I was finally a “real bartender,” cue Pinnochio voice.

I know over time I’ll get better and faster with it, but for right now I’m just happy to be on the inside of the bar.

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