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Top 5 study spots at SU


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Getting back into a school routine after a week off can be difficult, and the warm weather may make students day dream of spending time in the sun rather than hitting the books.

Finding a good study spot can be a way to make homework a little easier. It’s important that students find a place that best suits their tastes, and trying out a different study spot can help students break out of their normal routine.

Here are five study spaces to try out on the Salisbury University campus.

Fireside Lounge

fireside lounge

Fireside Lounge is good for more than just playing ping pong and pool with friends. It can be a good place for students to do some studying in between classes

There is no lack of comfort. Fireside has a variety of couches and chairs to choose from. Students also have their pick of window seats in case they want to take a quick mental break from their work and gaze outside.

Fireside is located in GUC, so students can easily walk to Gull’s Nest, Cool Beans or Commons if they need some brain food.

Students such as Nancy Talbott said they like the way that Fireside makes them feel and how it is often less crowded than other study spots.

“I really like being able to find a comfortable spot,” Talbott said. “Usually the cafés have spots, but you can’t really pull all of your stuff out at once and curl up your feet and just relax, so that’s definitely why I like Fireside.”

Perdue Hall

perdue hall

Perdue Hall is not just for the chickens and business majors.

It has a variety of study areas that appeal to those who like to study in noisy environments and those who appreciate peace and quiet.

Sea Gulls who enjoy hearing the murmur of their fellow students while they work on homework assignments may enjoy sitting in the seats surrounding Mr. Arthur’s Café. These cushioned armchairs attract many study groups.

Perdue also has study rooms on each floor that provide students with a quiet atmosphere. These quiet rooms give students a private place to study and work on homework assignments.

Padded chairs with built in lap desks often attract students, and they are spread out on each of the three floors outside of the classrooms for convenience.

Cool Beans

cool beans

Students looking for a boost of caffeine or a smoothie pick-me-up may be interested in studying at Cool Beans.

People who decide to go to Cool Beans find that they have multiple choices when it comes to seating such as couches, barstools or benches. This is one reason that some people, like SU senior Noel Dufrene, has a soft spot for the cybercafé.

“It’s more like a quiet atmosphere,” Dufrene said. “It’s relaxing, it has a nice aura and there’s plenty of space.”

If students do not feel like bringing their laptops with them or need to look up any information for assignments, Cool Beans has desktop computers that are located near the entrance.

Sea Gulls that appreciate a quieter atmosphere may enjoy Cool Beans’ private study room. The study room is located behind the candy shelves and is available on a first come first serve basis.

Students who find background noise soothing may find that Cool Beans is a viable option for studying; there are usually people buying snacks and chatting with their friends.

Blackwell Library

blackwell library

Blackwell Library attracts all types of students and can be a place for collective thinking between classmates.

“Once you’re in here and you don’t know how to study for an exam and you see somebody in your class, you can use that collaboration,” Circulation Desk student worker Grace Mburu said. “Whereas, if you try to study in your room you really don’t see anyone from your class to have any form of help.”

The library appeals to students that like louder work areas and those that like quieter work areas. The first floor is designated for those that want to talk and work in groups, while the second floor is a deemed a “quiet study area” for those that need to concentrate in quiet environment.

The library’s resources are not limited to computers and printers. Research librarians are also present to answer questions.

“We have a research help desk for those big term papers and thesis statements and all that stuff, so I find that to be very useful,” Mburu said.

The checkout desk, which is located directly on the right hand side as one enters Blackwell, loans out books, DVDs and laptops to students for periods of time ranging from several hours to multiple weeks.

Professors will sometimes put books on reserve for their students. This can be helpful if a student has not purchased the book yet or is trying to save money on books.

TC’s (TETC Café)

The Teacher Education and Technology Center (TETC) holds another study spot called TC’s, which is a café located on the first floor of the building.

Students can sit at booths or tables while they complete their work.

If Sea Gulls find that they need to print something in the middle of their study session, they have nothing to worry about because there is a computer lab right down the hall in room No. 116A.

Another perk of studying in TC’s is that it’s down the hall from the Information Technology (IT) Help Desk, which is located in room No. 113. Many students have experienced computer trouble in the middle of an assignment, but students who study in TC’s have IT help at their fingertips.

Students are not limited to the food options available in the café. There are also vending machines that offer an assortment of food. Sometimes a simple walk to the vending machine or even a quick glance at whatever TV show is playing in the café serves as a much needed break from studying.

“I study here almost every day,” SU freshman Denise Manole said. “I like it because there’s food right here and also because it’s not as quiet as the library.”

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